Tips to keep Teeth in Place


    Tips to keep Teeth in Place

    Healthy teeth and gums help you eat well and enjoy the food you like. Following a proper oral-care regime can also help to keep the teeth from shifting of its position. You should follow the tips given by the experts. In this guide, we have mentioned the tips which will help to keep teeth in its place.

    Here are top proven tips that will help to keep the teeth in its place.

    • Take benefit from the retainer or night guard

    The easiest and effective way to prevent teeth from shifting is by wearing the retainer. Retainers help in keeping the teeth in its position and misalignment issues will also be prevented. The retainers are made in such a way that they match your smile. They not only limit or avert the teeth from moving also help in reducing the headaches and pain.

    Another option is the night guard which works in the same way and helps to keep the teeth in its position. Along with that, it helps the person to stop grinding teeth at night.

    • Never miss out Regular cleanings

    For a healthy smile and strong teeth, it is essential to visit the dentist. By taking the help of the professionals will help in cleaning away the unwanted bacteria and around teeth the decay is removed. During the appointment in the dental clinic, the doctor will also check for bone and gum disease symptoms. It is important to get schedule dental cleaning at least 3 to 5 times a year.

    • Work on your sleep habits

    If you sleep on the stomach then teeth movement can occur with time. This happens because the gentle and sustained pressure is put on the teeth when the face is put against the pillow. From a dental perspective, it is advised to sleep on the back followed by the side.

    • Follow proper oral care routine

    Regular brushing and flossing help in getting rid of the unwanted bacteria which can create a problem. In case you notice that your floss is sliding away without resistance between the teeth or food start collecting between them then you should talk with your doctor as it will lead to shifting the tooth.

    • Workspace should be comfortable

    You might not this but poor posture at the workspace can also make the teeth move. At times working on the computer people slouch and rest their chin on the hands. If you do this for months or years this slight pressure can harm the teeth and might make it move from its position. So, make sure the sitting space is neither too low or high. The computer screen should not be too far and your back should have chair support.

    If you notice any problem then you should book your appointment with our doctor for a reliable treatment plan.