What There Is Need To Replace Missing Teeth?


    What There Is Need To Replace Missing Teeth?


    Your missing teeth can bring serious problems for you and even it can dent your charming smile and look. It can have following effects


    Gap between teeth can have adverse affect on the way jaw closes and the remaining teeth start tilting and drifting into the gaps. This missing space between teeth can be house for food trapping which can add to the risk of decay and gum problems.

    Opposing teeth can also suffer due to tilting and drifting and can start to hyper erupt and begin drifting in missing open space this can cause bite relationship problem for jaw line and become cause of TMJ problems


    If you have missing tooth either due to extraction or gum diseases then it can cause the dissolving process of supporting bone in the jaw which is called resorption. Missing tooth and bone loss has direct co relation so longer a tooth is missing bone loss can be greater

    This process of bone dissolve can have considerable effects as it can effect adversely to the possibility of tooth replacement. It can create for you many problems like eating and chewing food and even if you go for dentures then also you can enjoy only soft or mashed food.


    It is good to replace the tooth immediately after its loss as it can prevent the bone loss and retain your good oral health. Replacement of missing tooth can reduce the movement of surrounding teeth and so the decay also.

    Teeth replacement can resume your ability to chew food and having all teeth is good for gums and tissues of jaw as otherwise gap in teeth can lead to several problems and prolonged missing reduce the possibilities of restoration

    Replacement of missing tooth not only escapes you from serious oral health conditions but also improves your confidence and look.