Read this to see if keeping our teeth healthy is hard or not


    Read this to see if keeping our teeth healthy is hard or not

    I mean we can at times have fears but unless we go through it, we shall never move forward. Health issues, especially with our teeth, are quite hard to understand especially when you can’t find the cause. You can think you do everything in your capacity but still, fall a victim

    The teeth and generally the face are a center of attraction. When you can’t do something because of your weakness, at least do it for another benefit. What I am trying to say is that get teeth checkups not because you are a fun of them but because you want to keep your teeth in a perfect state in order to attract people around you.

    One of my friends happened to go through multiple teeth issues, one after another, for example, dental cleaning, root canal treatment and numerous checkups in the past few years. As we talked about all the treatment that ended up with extracting more teeth from her mouth, I realized that the cause is from her past eating habits. Though she brushed and flossed, she was a fan of sweet dishes and worst of all chewing sweets like groundnuts.

    Many of us are like that. We brush daily, floss and use different teeth products to make our teeth perfect but unless we check on our eating styles, all the efforts become useless. The teeth are surrounded by sensitive organs like the gums, jawbone, enamel, veins and blood streams. These are connected to the throat, brains, ears and other parts. Once you get pain from one tooth, the pain spreads through to all other nearby parts making the situation hard for a patient.

    Habits like smoking tobacco, improper hygiene of the teeth, exposing teeth to hard objects like opening bottles, taking too cold and hot drinks or foods damage the gums and make the teeth more sensitive.

    Another common problem is discoloration that becomes nagging in public. It makes one uncomfortable and loses self-esteem. There are quite a number of things that trigger this like over consuming coffee, drinking colored juices and wines, foods and smoking tobacco.

    The major ways of combating dental problems are through; having periodic dental checkups, proper brushing and flossing of teeth, minding about the way we use our teeth and following the dentist’s advice. You can have a low-cost dental check up with the best dentist to stay updated about your oral health