What do you need to know about tooth development and its different parts?


    What do you need to know about tooth development and its different parts?


    Most of us take our teeth for granted till the time something goes wrong. Not only teeth help in choosing the food but they can also digest the food. By increasing the knowledge about the teeth, it can make a lot of difference and you know what attention they deserve. If you are facing dental issues, then you need to visit the best dental clinic in Ludhiana.

     Teeth Development

    Humans have 2 sets of teeth: Primary and Permanent teeth which develop in different stages. Although the timing is different and the development of each of these sets of teeth is similar. Some of the facts about the teeth include:

    • The teeth tend to erupt symmetrically which means the top molar on the left side should grow at the same time as the molar on the top right.
    • Tooth development begins long before the first tooth is going to be seen. At 6 months, , the baby’s first tooth is going to come out but the teeth development is likely to begin during the 2nd trimester in pregnancy.
    • The teeth crowns come at first while the root develops when the tooth has erupted.
    • Adults’ teeth start to grow at the age of 6 and 12. Mostly the adults have 32 permanent teeth.
    • The 20 primary teeth are in place between the age of 2&1/2 and 3 till the age of 6. The primary teeth are going to come between the age of 6 and 12 and at this time the teeth are going to make their way for the permanent teeth.

    Different parts of the tooth

    The tooth is divided into 2 basic parts which include the crown which is visible while the part of the tooth and the root are which you cannot see.


    This is an important substance that covers the tooth crown. These are harder than the bone and help in protecting the tissues present within the tooth. Enamel is made of calcium, phosphorus, and hydroxyapatite.


    Underneath the enamel, there is dentin which is calcified and it is similar to bone. This is hard as enamel so the chances of decay increase which can make the enamel wear away.


    The tissue helps in covering the tooth root and it helps it stay in the bone. Cementum is soft compared to enamel and dentin. Ideally, you need to take care of the gum which can protect the tissues from the decay. It gives a light yellow color and it is covered with the bones and gums. If you don’t take proper care then they can get shrunk and become diseases.


    The pulp is found in the center and the tooth core. It contains the blood vessels, nerves, and soft tissues which helps in delivering the nutrients and signals to the teeth.