What are the benefits and types of undergoing temporary tooth bridges?


    What are the benefits and types of undergoing temporary tooth bridges?


    When you lose your teeth due to an accident or decay, you might be thinking about what to do. But modern dentistry can replace the missing teeth which comes with different alternatives and a dental bridge is one of them. Dental bridges can fill the gaps which are created by one or missing teeth. The temporary tooth bridge is made of 2 or more crowns for space which is created by the lost tooth. The dentists use alloys, porcelain, gold, or a combination of both the materials which make the crown. Bridges help in supporting the natural teeth as well as the dental implants. If you are facing problems in what treatment you need to get then consult the best dental clinic in Ludhiana.

    Benefits of temporary dental bridge

    Dental bridges can restore your smile. This makes it easier for the person to chew your food and then you can talk appropriately. This way the forces in one’s bite will be accurately replaced with the missing teeth. The remaining teeth are prevented which helps it from drifting it from the position. This also supports the facial shape of a person.

    What are the types of Dental Bridges?

    There are four main types of dental bridges:

    • Traditional
    • Implant-supported
    • Maryland Bridge (bonded bridge).
    • Cantilever

    Dentists make the temporary tooth bridge to save the exposed gums and teeth. This will be kept in place for around 6 to one year which results in long-term provision. The problem can result in discolored because of the material being used for making a temporary tooth bridge. In most cases, the dentists make the use of temporary tooth bridges and temporary crowns which result in a short-life span.

    How to take care of a temporary tooth bridge?

    It is important to know that temporary tooth bridges are not durable and one needs to get the permanent one. This way it can help the person to get an effective solution for their condition. The person needs to avoid the use of nuts, sticky food, and crunch food items. Some of them include gum, toffees, caramel, and gum.

    If the person is not careful then the bridges can become loose which can solve the entire condition. The person can feel discomfort and they can have bleeding after getting the temporary bridge for solving the issue they are experiencing.

    Follow a proper dental care regime

    The patient needs to follow a proper dental care regime that includes brushing and flossing. If you brush 2 times a day and floss regularly it will make a lot of difference in your oral health.