What are the risk factors which occur due to missing teeth and need dental care?


    What are the risk factors which occur due to missing teeth and need dental care?

    If you are thinking that it is ok to have a missing tooth, then you are wrong. You are not only compromising with your appearance but it will also increase the risk of you suffering from dental issues for the long term. You should visit the dental clinic regularly to make sure that you are not suffering from any dental problem.

    Keeping the missing tooth in mind, we are going to discuss the risk factors mentioned below:

    Unnatural shifting of teeth

    If you are experiencing a missing tooth problem, then you should consult the orthodontist for the treatment. If it will leave untreated, then your remaining teeth left in your mouth will shift into space. The treatment is time-consuming as well as it will be more expensive as compared to more dental procedures. So without wasting time, consult your dentist today for the treatment.

    Biting problem

    You might experience a biting problem due to a missing tooth. If you will not visit the dentist place, then you might end up experiencing severe pain in the temporomandibular joint.

    Risk of gum problems

    The spaces left in the mouth increase the risk of gum diseases because the food you are going to eat will be stored easily in the open areas. It produces bacteria in the mouth which causes plaque as well as tartar problems and ultimately causes gum diseases.

    The ability of speaking and chewing will be impaired

    If you are missing more than one tooth, then you might experience the problem in chewing as well as in speaking. If you are suffering from this problem, then there are chances that you won’t be able to eat your food properly. There are some vegetables and fruits you won’t be able to eat which causes poor health. And you also won’t be able to pronounce some words as instead of words air will come out from your mouth.

    Loss of Jaw bone

    You will end up worsening your jawbones which is ultimately going to affect your face structure. You will start looking older than your actual age and you will end up losing confidence. You might avoid parties, trips and much more.

    What is the treatment?

    There are multiple options available for you but among all dental implants is one of the beneficial treatments for you.

    Benefits of Dental implants

    • It will help you in preventing the loss of the bone because the dentist is going to do dental implants which are made up of titanium. It will stay permanently as well as maintain the density of the bone.
    • Dental implants will act like your other teeth and you will not feel any discomfort.
    • The success rate of dental implant is higher as compared to other tooth replacement dental procedures.