What Are The Common Toothache Causes, Treatment, And Prevention Methods?


    What Are The Common Toothache Causes, Treatment, And Prevention Methods?

    What is the toothache cause?

    A toothache is a pain in or around the tooth which is caused by different factors mentioned below:

    • Damaged filling
    • Abscessed tooth
    • Tooth Fracture
    • Tooth decay
    • Repetitive motions such as grinding teeth or chewing gum.
    • Infected gums

    You need to visit the best dental clinic so that you get the best treatment plan to improve your dental care and address dental issues on time.

    What are the symptoms of a toothache?

    Some of the symptoms of toothache are mentioned below:

    • Fever or headache
    • Swelling around the teeth
    • Tooth pain is sharp, constant, or throbbing. In some cases, pain occurs only when pressure is applied to the teeth.
    • Foul-tasting drainage from the infected tooth.

    When do I need to consult the dentist about a toothache?

    You need to see the dentist as soon as possible for the toothache if you notice these issues:

    • Your toothache lasts longer than 1 or 2 days.
    • Your toothache is getting severe with time.
    • You have an earache, fever, or pain when you open your mouth wide open.

    Consulting the doctor on time will help to identify the problem on time and you will get the treatment of dental infection. By doing so, it makes it easier to address the issue and prevent it from spreading to other parts of the face and skull. Also, it won’t reach the bloodstream.

    What happens when I consult the dentist for a toothache?

    The doctor will give you the treatment plan, by examining your medical history and conducting a physical examination. He or she will ask you different questions about pain, like when the pain started, how severe it is, what increases the pain, where is the pain located, and what decreases the pain.

    The dentist will examine the teeth, gums, jaws, tongue, mouth, throat, nose, ears, sinuses, and neck. The doctor can take the X-rays and do other tests, depending on what the dentist suspects are resulting in a toothache.

    What are the treatment options for a toothache?

    Toothache treatment depends on the reason for the condition. If the cavity is resulting in toothache, then the dentist will fill the cavity or possibly extract the tooth, if needed.

    In some cases, a root canal is needed to determine the toothache causes. If the bacteria have reached the inner aspects of the tooth like the infection. In that case, the antibiotic is given if there is swelling of the jaw or fever.

    How can toothaches be prevented?

    Since most toothaches are because of tooth decay. The patient needs to follow proper oral hygiene so that the toothache is prevented. Following good oral hygiene means brushing with the fluoride-toothpaste. Make sure to floss at least once a day and use an antiseptic mouthwash 2 times a day.