Common Symptoms That Indicate A Need For RCT (Root Canal Treatment)


    Common Symptoms That Indicate A Need For RCT (Root Canal Treatment)

    Why Do I Need A Root Canal Treatment?

    There might be a situation when you visited a dentist with a complaint of toothache or discomfort in your mouth. And they suggest you undergo root canal treatment?

    But why?

    The main goal of root canal treatment is to get rid of the bacteria and its infection that resides in the tooth. Apart from that, it also helps in minimizing the risk of suffering from future reinfections.

    Different Parts To The Structure Of The Tooth

    Before we begin to appreciate the root canal treatment fully and why we need it. It is necessary to reinforce the importance of the different parts of the tooth for better understanding. 

    • Enamel

    They are the hard layer that typically covers the tooth’s top part. Enamels are comparatively very dense and complex. Their main job is to shield the dentine and the pulp from external issues. 

    • Dentine

    As established, they are a layer underneath the enamel. Apart from that, they also make the majority of tooth structures. 

    • Pulp

    This is the inside or the middle of the tooth. They consist of blood supply and nerves.

    Please note: the root canal is the tunnel that is inside the roots of the tooth that enlarge from the pulp. 

    What Are The Common Symptoms That Might Indicate A Need For Root Canal Treatment?

    We have gathered some common signs that might warn you about the need for a dental implant Ludhiana. 

    It is necessary to know the symptoms of a problem in order to cure it at an earlier stage without facing any complications.

    1. If there is a formation or abscess or if you notice puss coming out of the gum surrounding the infected teeth.
    2. If you experience severe pain or soreness specific to a tooth.
    3. If you are unable to chew or eat on a particular tooth.
    4. If you have high sensitivity to both cold and hot food and beverages.
    5. If you notice a spontaneous pain that is not triggered by eating or drinking. 

    What Is The Cost Of Root Canal Treatment?

    The root canal cost may vary from one location to another. Apart from that, there are also some other factors that might impact the charges for root canal treatment. Some of those elements include:

    • The experience and the qualification of a dentist
    • The condition of your tooth and dental health.
    • The reputation of the clinic.

    Ask the staff members beforehand about all the details to avoid any complications. 

    How To Prevent Root Canal Treatment?

    1. You must brush and floss your teeth twice a day. Do not forget that this procedure will cost you less than the root canal treatment.
    2. Visit your dentist every six months for regular check-ups.
    3. Do not wait to treat your tooth decay. Get your appointment immediately with the dentist to fill your teeth. 

    For All Intents And Purposes

    Dental health is an ultimate need that you should not ignore. Contact Ludhiana Dental Centre and get your treatment to maintain your oral health.

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