8 Oral Health Conditions With Growing Age And Tips To Prevent It


    8 Oral Health Conditions With Growing Age And Tips To Prevent It

    With growing age, We see a lot of risk for a number of oral health issues in many seniors. Be healthy droids after a certain age if you do not take care of them, which includes dental hygiene too.

    In this blog, we will talk about specific health problems related to oral hygiene in seniors.

    Advancing Age And Oral Health Issues

    • Darkened teeth

    To a certain extent, You would notice that the changes in dentin courses darkened teeth. Dentin is the Bone like tissue That underlies the tooth enamel. Another reason for dark teeth Is the consumption of stain-causing food and beverages. Apart from that, the thinning of the outer enamel layer that leads the yellow and darker teeth to show through. Visit a Dental Clinic in Ludhiana and get rid of it permanently.

    Remember, the dark teeth or teeth may be an indication of a more complicated problem. And you should not wait to check it out.

    • Dry mouth

    The Reduction of saliva flow can cause dry mouth, which can be a consequence Of cancer treatment doctors use, such as radiation to the head and neck area.

    Whereas conditions such as Sjögren’s syndrome and some medication side-effects can lead to dry mouth. There are also many medicines that you intake, which can lead to dry mouth. 

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    • A diminished sense of taste

    With growing age, there is also an impairment In the sense of taste disease medication and tenders. It can lead to sensory loss at the end.

    • Root decay

    Exposure of the tooth root to decay-causing acids can lead to root decay. As the gum tissues recede from the tooth, the roots of the tooth become exposed. roots do not have any enamel to shield them, which is why they are more at risk to decay as compared to the crown part of the tooth.

    • Gum disease

    The plague Can cause gum diseases, and the food left in it can worsen it. Apart from that, use of tobacco products, dentures, poor-fitting bridges, poor diet, and some diseases Including Cancer, diabetes, and anemia. Gum disease is often a problem for seniors or Older adults.

    • Tooth loss

    You can experience a loss of truth because of gum disease, as it is one of the leading causes of the search for terrible issues.

    • Uneven jaw bone

    The placement of the tooth or not replacing the missing teeth can lead to an uneven jawbone. This allows the rest of the teeth to shift or drift into more open spaces for denture-induced stomatitis. You can also experience this condition because of ill-fitting dentures, Buildup of the fungus candida Albicans (Inflammation of underlying tissue denture), and poor dental hygiene.

    • Thrush

    Drugs or diseases that impact the immune system can trigger the overgrowth of the fungus known as candida Albicans in the mouth.


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