Shall I get Dental X Rays Often?


    Shall I get Dental X Rays Often?

    When a person suffers from dental issues it is essential to get the diagnose at right time. For that, dental X-rays are the best option as they help in knowing about the problem properly.  In this guide, we will let you know how often you should get the dental X-rays.

    Many people experience the problem related to oral health like gum disease, infection, and bone loss. But these things cannot be seen visually. It might be possible that you are having some symptom because of these issues. Getting the dental X-ray is the best option but how often you should get it. Below are the factors which will determine this thing.

    When you should get Dental X-rays?

    • One factor is your medical history. There are many health issues which can trigger the oral health problem.
    • The patient’s dental history, habits of oral hygiene, and any symptom which you might be having.
    • The last time you visit the dentist for a dental exam.
    • It might be possible that you are having dental issues for a long time.
    • Dental problems which are of high-risk.

    The best option is to get dental x-ray every 6 months or every 3 years which is dependent on your dental health. It is essential that children and teenagers get frequent X-ray.

    Who are at high-risk of dental issues?

    • In case, if someone in the past faced the problem then getting X-ray is essential to check if there is tooth decay or not.
    • If your mouth is dry then it can be very irritating and it indicates that the problem is more. Saliva production is very essential for good oral health.

    If you are suffering from the problem then you should visit our dental clinic and consult the doctor about your problem.

    What are the benefits of dental X-ray?

    Taking care and getting the problem diagnosed at an early stage is very essential. Same goes with the oral health-care. When the problem is detected you can get the treatment and this will help to get rid of the infection. On-time, the infection will be treated and also the pain will be less and discomfort also.

    There are some diseases which can lead to serious health problems like:

    • Infections
    • Cysts and tumor
    • Infection at the root of the tooth
    • Decay areas are not visible

    Whether getting a Dental X-ray is safe?

    Well, if you opt for X-rays they are safe. They need radiation exposure which is very low and they do not leave any type of side-effect.

    What you should do?

    • Brush teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste
    • Start eating a healthy diet.
    • Replace the toothbrush every 3 to 4 months
    • Do not smoke and drink.