Relationship between Vitamin D and Dental Health


    Relationship between Vitamin D and Dental Health

    Before visiting the dental appointment sometimes people try to floss and brush properly. But deep down your dentist will be able to tell that your dental care routine is not proper. You might not know that dental health and Vitamin D are linked to each other. Read the given topic, to know more about this.

    Relation between Vitamin D and dental health

    Bleeding gums and tooth decay are the 2 most common measures of the teeth as both of the options are a chronic disease. Kids face the problem of tooth decay more often and the very first sign is gum disease. This shows how well you are taking care of your teeth.

    One of the factors is Vitamin D, which plays an essential role in dental health and it also helps in reducing gum disease and tooth decay risk.

    Tooth decay: Vitamin D and Oral health

    Tooth decay is not only about good oral care routine. Here, the important factor is Vitamin D, which is absorbed by the body from the sunlight. This also helps the body to absorb calcium in their diet. Calcium is with raw material that is phosphorus which creates the bone structure that creates the tooth enamel. Beneath that dentin is present and the guardian cells which can repair them very easily. But dentin will protect it if Vitamin D amount is proper. If it is low then won’t repair and protect the infected teeth. If you are facing a problem then you should seek the help of the dentist right away.

    Bleeding Gums: Oral bacteria, Inflammation, and Vitamin D

    Oral hygiene is important for protecting the gums. Gingivitis is a sign that your oral health care routine is not proper. Vitamin D plays an important part in managing the immune system like controlling and forming the immune cells.

    Deficiency of Vitamin D

    Kids who are facing Vitamin D deficiency are at higher chances of getting tooth decay. The standard measurement of Vitamin D in blood level is around 25(OH)D through a blood test.

    If you or your child have faced a tooth decay issue then you should get the Vitamin D checked. Those who are facing tooth decay levels are 20 to 40ng/ml. You should aim to have 60 to 80ng/ml.

    Managing the level of Vitamin D


    Every day you should aim to get 30 minutes of sunlight. Make sure your face and arms get sunlight If you are facing digestive or live issue then vitamin D conversion will get impacted.


    Have Vitamin D rich food in 1 to 2 servings. It includes organ meat, eggs, butter, cheese, and fatty fish.

    Understand everything in more depth from the doctor. So, book your appointment at our dental clinic to get the best treatment plan.