Oral Health Issues that are More Common in Seniors


    Oral Health Issues that are More Common in Seniors

    Many changes in our body as we reach old age. Dental problems are also seen more in the elderly than the other chunk of the population. With tooth loss becoming a  common occurrence, the elderly are likely to experience problems in denture care, the onset of periodontal diseases and discoloration. The elderly should be aware of the problems common among them so that they can address the problems when they arise. According to the dentist, there are following problems which need attention with reference to the senior citizens.

    Dry Mouth or Xerostomia

    The body usually produces a quart and half saliva daily to help the mouth in breaking down the food. It also performs other functions such as washing away the bacteria, preventing tooth decay and protection against bad breath. A dry mouth will make you uncomfortable and could also lead to major problems like cavities. The condition of dry mouth is also known as xerostomia. It may be caused due to the medications taken by elderly people. It is quite usual for people above 65 to take some or other kind of medication. It is likely to cause dry mouth. The dry mouth could also be caused due to hormone changes, allergies, blocked nasal passages, and infections.

    Bad Breath

    It is common to see cases of bad breath in the elderly. It doesn’t necessarily arise out of poor hygiene but could be due to some other underlying problem. The elimination of the issue will naturally make the breath problem go away. Mostly, Dry mouth and periodontal disease can lead to such a condition. The other reasons are, of course, poor dental hygiene. It is important that you visit your dentist twice a year. Ludhiana dental provides the best dentist services in your city. Daily hygiene habits like brushing twice a day, accompanied by daily flossing will keep your mouth odor free. For those who wear dentures, you must keep them as clean as you would keep your real teeth. Unclean teeth or dentures can lead to the formation of plaque on them, thereby leading to unpleasant, foul smell which we call bad breath.

    Tooth Loss

    It is the most common problem which the 60 plus people face. If you look at the figures, the people who are 65 or above have only 18 teeth remaining, which makes it only half the total. Some of them might be toothless by this time. Early onset of such problems can be seen in cases of people with poor dental hygiene and smoking habits. To counter such problems, one needs to visit the dentist once every six months. You should take it seriously as it will hamper your ability to talk, eat and smile comfortably.