Know In Detail About The Tooth Fillings Procedure And Its Material Types


    Know In Detail About The Tooth Fillings Procedure And Its Material Types

    What is tooth feeling?

    Tooth feeling is an essential part of the decayed tooth removal process. To effectively cure cavities, the dentist assists you with the tooth removal procedure and fills the area from where the tooth is Pull-out. The whole process is known as a tooth filling.

    Moreover, tooth filling is also enact to fill damaged and cracked teeth due to sudden injury or tooth grinding. If you are seeking dental help for your broken tooth, then consult a Dentist in Ludhiana at Ludhiana Dental centre.

    Tooth filling material:

    Nowadays, different types of tooth-filling materials are available in the market. Mercury mixed with silver, tin, zinc, and copper, known as silver amalgam, is commonly use for filling. Apart from this, Gold and white color plastic material called composite resin is use for fillings.

    The glass ionomer filling is also applicable in some cases. You should consult a renowned Endodontists in Ludhiana for the most suitable tooth filling according to your decayed tooth.

    The cost is also determines according to the location and number of teeth which needs filling. You should visit our clinic to know more about Orthodontic Treatment Cost in India.

    Merits and demerits of different material types:

    1. Cast Gold Fillings

    Merits: Durable in nature, last at least 10 to 20 years, and is known for its chewing forces. Moreover, these are eye-catching in contrast to others.

    Demerits: These fillings are the most expensive from all other types. You also need to see your dentist more for these. Apart from this, the procedure is more painful in some cases.

    1. Amalgams (silver fillings)

    Merits:  silver fillings are commonly used fillings and last for 10 to 15 years. They can withstand chewing forces. Moreover, it is cheaper than composite fillings.

    Demerits: These fillings do not match with teeth’ color. More space is require to hold the Amalgam filling. Cracks and fractures can occur due to the expansion and contraction of the material.

    1. Tooth-colored Composites

     Merits: These are the other commonly used fillings that closely match the teeth. Also, repairs broken or chipped teeth. Moreover, it is best suitable for visible teeth.

    Demerits: these fillings are less durable than all other types of fillings. Moreover, these are more expensive than Silver Amalgams and require more time than silver fillings.

    Indirect fillings and temporary fillings:

    Indirect fillings are Dental lab-made fillings that look similar to tooth Colored fillings. These fillings are primarily use during crown treatment and last longer for several years. Inlays and Onlays are their two prime types.

    On the other hand, temporary fillings are fills prior to gold fillings, during root canal treatment, and sometimes in emergency conditions. Moreover, you get effective treatment for all your dental disorders at affordable prices here. Visit us today to get an efficacious cure for dental problems in Ludhiana.