How COVID-19 affect your health? What are the signs you need to know?


    How COVID-19 affect your health? What are the signs you need to know?


    COVID-19 has affected everyone’s life. Moreover, it is not like other viral infections. This virus is impacting everyone’s immunity to the extent that their normal life is put at a halt. In many cases, the symptoms even stay there after the recovery time. One of the problems which are noticed due to this health issue is the oral health is affected – loss of enamel and gums become weak.

    Can COVID-19 affect your oral health?

    As every individual is different from others, so are the symptoms they notice. Many of the COVID-19 survivors are noticing the symptoms like dental infection, weak gums, and tooth loss. It is believed that tooth decay can lead to tooth loss and many other severe dental issues.

    Make sure that you consult your dentist right away to take the utmost care of your overall health.

    Is it one of the possible signs of COVID-19?

    No doubt, in this case, the reports of tooth decay and tooth loss have come out in the open. Due to the COVID-19 virus, the patient’s oral health is getting affected. It is possible that this virus can affect the teeth, but there might be other issues like hair loss and joint pain. So, make sure that you recognize these issues and get your problem monitored right away.

    What is the reason behind it?

    As the research is still not done properly, so why the problem happens is not clear. It is possible that with this virus the blood flow is affected in the body which leads to:

      • Blood clot
      • Patchy Blood flow

    Due to this, there is an issue with blood flow transportation and all the nutrients in the body won’t get the blood in the right amount. Apart from that, it can also damage the:

      • Chest
      • Heart
      • Brain
      • Jaws (oral cavity is filled with blood vessels)

    Due to the COVID-19 virus, the damage is increased and the oral cavity becomes weak which leads to:

      • Tooth Decay
      • Weak gums
      • Bleeding

    Is it possible cytokine storms are leading to oral issues?

    The cytokine storms are linked to COVID-19 which affects the body’s immunity to a great extent. It can affect the mouth and oral cavity as the virus is present in excess amounts in the nasal cavity and mouth. In such cases, the infection is mild, and sometimes it is severe. Well, the reason is still not clear why the virus stays in the body, even if the virus has gone away.

    Are kids also at risk of dental damage?

    There is some evidence that kids are also getting affected by dental issues. Till now, the kids are noticing harmful symptoms like:

      • Tooth loss
      • Gum infection
      • Tooth Decay
      • Teeth getting loose
      • Notable damage to the vascular

    Take care of your dental health

    With that said, you must take the utmost care of your dental health. Make sure that you visit the dentist from time to time and improve your dental care health.