Four Types Of Dental Bridge Implants And Its Costs In Ludhiana


    Four Types Of Dental Bridge Implants And Its Costs In Ludhiana

    What Is A Dental Bridge?

    In case you are missing a tooth, then your doctor can close or “bridge” the gaps in between the teeth with the help of a dental bridge to make your smile more vibrant and alluring. In simple terms, a dental bridge is basically a false tooth which is also known as a pontic. With the help of the Best Dentist in Punjab, the abutment teeth help the pontic in place on either side of the gap. The manufacturer of the bridge makes it in various materials, including gold. But the typical material they use to make the bridge is porcelain so that it could aesthetically blend in with the look of natural teeth.

    The following are the main types of dental bridges that the dental clinic uses.

    1. Traditional
    2. Cantilever
    3. Maryland
    4. Implant-supported 
    • Traditional Dental Bridge

    A traditional dental bridge is basically a false tooth or teeth that the dental crowns help in holding in place. They are those teeth that the dentist has cemented onto each abutment tooth. To top it off, a traditional bridge is one of the most popular types of dental bridge that the dentist recommends when you have a natural tooth in between the gap or missing tooth. 

    • Cantilever Dental Bridge

    This is somewhat similar to the traditional bridge. The dental brown is the element that helps the false tooth or the pontic in the cantilever dental bridge to stay in place. The dentist cemented it to only one of the abutment teeth. So, in short, for the dentist to successfully perform the cantilever dental bridge, you would require only one natural tooth aligned with the missing one. 

    • Maryland Dental Bridge

    Just like the traditional dental bridge, it is also a procedure that requires two natural abutment teeth, one on each side of the missing gap. But the only difference is that the dentist uses dental crowns on the abutment teeth in the traditional dental bridge. On the other hand, in Maryland dental bridge, the dentist uses a framework of either porcelain or metal that they bond onto the back of the natural abutment teeth.

    Now in the field of similarities, in the Maryland dental bridge and the traditional dental bridge, the dentist uses the natural tooth on either side as a form of support for the new teeth. 

    • Implant-Supported Dental Bridge

    As you can gather from the name of the implant-supported dental bridge, the dentist uses dental implants compared to other ways, such as crowns or frameworks. Usually, the dentist places one implant surgically for each tooth that is missing. With the help of those implants, the bridge is able to stay in position. If it is impossible to attach one implant for each missing tooth, the bridge might have a false tooth suspended between the two implant-supported crowns. 

    Cost Of Dental Bridge

    Based on what the oral healthcare suggests to you, the dental bridge cost Ludhiana will fluctuate. Each set of dental bridges has a different price set for them.