Foods to Eat after Wisdom Teeth Removal


    Foods to Eat after Wisdom Teeth Removal

    If you are suffering from wisdom teeth, then you have to get help from the dentist. It can only be treated with the help of surgical operations. To reduce the risk of having this again, you have to follow the recovery process well. To get knowledge about foods to eat and avoid after the surgery, you must read this article.

    Wisdom teeth are explained as a third set of molars within your mouth. Usually, they come in when you are between the ages of 18 and 26. To get wisdom tooth removal, you need to visit the dental clinic to meet the dentist. You first consult everything with him, so that you can get detailed information about everything.

    • During the wisdom tooth removal, your specialist first gives you anesthesia. There are some popular forms of anesthesia such as-:
    1. Local
    2. Sedation
    3. General anesthesia.
    • After giving you anesthesia, your surgeon makes an incision to remove the wisdom tooth properly. First, he may remove bone if he finds difficulty accessing the root of the tooth. Once he has done with removal, he closes the incision with stitches.

    The recovery from this is not so simple, you have to take care of certain things including your eating regimen. Certain types of foods may irritate you and delay the recovery process. So, you must ask your surgeon what to eat and what to avoid in the recovery period.

    What to eat after wisdom teeth removal

    You have to go with liquid and soft foods immediately after your wisdom teeth removal surgery and during recovery. You must avoid chewing foods in order to reduce the risk of pain and discomfort. In addition to this, you must avoid eating hard foods at this time, these may harm you and delay your recovery process.

    Some foods that you have to consume during recovery include-:

    • mashed potatoes
    • Apple sauce
    • fruit smoothies
    • yogurt
    • Ice cream, Jell-O, and pudding
    • broths and blended soups

    Cold foods such as ice cream, smoothies, and Jell-O will surely give you relief from pain and discomfort. Soups and smoothies help in fast healing or recovery. After some time, you can switch to scrambled eggs, toast, and instant oatmeal.

    What to avoid after wisdom teeth removal?

    You have to avoid below-mentioned foods-:

    • Acidic and spicy foods such as citrus juice, because these will surely lead you to pain and irritation.
    • You must avoid consuming hard foods including jerky, nuts, and chips, which can delay healing.
    • Alcoholic beverages can irritate the treated area, resulting in pain and discomfort.
    • Grains such as quinoa and rice can harm the extraction site.
    • You must avoid sodas and other sugary drinks.