Foods to avoid if you have braces


    Foods to avoid if you have braces

    People often ask what type of food they can eat when they are wearing braces. When you wear braces, it does not mean you need to eat completely bland food but yes a few things need to be avoided. This guide will prove helpful for you as we have mentioned the foods to avoid.

    Here is the list of food items which should be avoided when you are wearing braces:


    Vegetables help us giving the essential minerals and vitamins required for the growth of the body. For children, 2 cups of vegetables are needed. But yes if someone is wearing braces then they need to be prepared differently. The hard and raw vegetables will be tough to bite with braces and they pop the bracket. If you are having trouble eating your favorite vegetable then you should steam so that it get tender or boil to make it soft.

    If you are facing any issue then it is best to consult the dentist right away as they will give you the best solution.


    Fruits are essential for a healthy diet but what to do when you are wearing braces. Apples, pears, or peaches can be hard to bite on. So, you should cut them into bite-sized so that you can chew them with back teeth. You should eat fruits like blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries.

    If you are planning to get the braces then you should choose the best dental clinic to get a reliable treatment plan.


    Grains give us iron, fiber, and other nutrients and most of the grain options are soft so no problem is there with braces.

    But there are few options which you need to be cautious about the like bagels, unground whole grains. So, it is best to avoid small seeds & grains as they get attached to the braces.


    For strong and healthy teeth dairy products are vital as they contain calcium. You can choose from low-fat yogurt, low-fat cheese, and low-fat milk. To eat cheese it can be difficult for people who wear braces. It is best to eat them in bite-sized pieces so that they do not stick to the teeth surface.

    Nuts and seeds

    Another option is nuts and seeds which are because they are small and hard for biting them down can be tough as there are chances that brackets can come off from the teeth. If you want you can go for nut spreads like almond butter or peanut butter or grind the nuts to use them as toppings on the yogurt.


    Candy is not a food group but most people love to eat it on different occasions. But, for the people with braces need to be careful about this. The candies are hard & sticky which can break the brackets and bands easily.

    So, eliminating these food items is the best choice for you to prevent any issue.