Everything you need to know about Dental filling and tooth cavity filling


    Everything you need to know about Dental filling and tooth cavity filling

    What is Dental Filling?

    A dental filling is a treatment that helps to restore missing tooth structure and it helps to address the decay and trauma with it. Decay makes the tooth hollow. The dental filling is going to fill the gap and it protects the teeth from further decay.

    If you are experiencing dental related issues then you need to consult the best dentist at a dental clinic. He is going to tell you what treatment plan you need to take care of your teeth.

    When does one need Dental Filling?

    There are several signs and symptoms which tell you that you need a dental filling. Some of the symptoms are mentioned below:

    • A hole in your tooth
    • Chipped or broken tooth
    • Dark spots on the tooth
    • Food stuck between certain areas of the teeth
    • Single or multiple cavities
    • Sensitivity to hot and cold food and beverage

    If you have noticed these symptoms then there is a chance you need to get the treatment. Consulting the dentist and undergoing the dental examination will help your dental health to get better.

    The procedure of Dental Filling

    A dental filling is required if there is tooth decay. It is going to prevent further damage and your teeth are protected. Let’s understand the procedure in detail:

    • First of all, you need to check how severe the tooth infection is. The dental filling is only suggested by the dentist when there are minor tooth decay and infection.
    • The dentist checks the tooth and he might do an X-ray to get precise information.
    • According to the problem, you will be administered local anesthesia which makes the infected tooth numb.
    • After that, the damaged or decayed tooth will be prepared for restoration. If the tooth is damaged, then a laser or dental handpiece is needed to correct the damaged part.
    • The filling is applied to the area to fill the cavity. The type of filling you need will depend on how many problems you are having.
    • Finally, a finished tooth can be polished which helps to complete the dental filling procedure completely.

    What if I don’t get Dental filling on time?

    The person needs to get dental filling who has tooth decay. If not, then the enamel will slowly start to decay and it exposes the dentin. The bacteria in the mouth can come in contact with dentin and this leads to infection. If the treatment is not done on time then an infection can reach the nerve and your tooth will be damaged completely. Following that you need to get root canal treatment. So, make sure that you consult the dentist on time.

    Types of Dental Filling

    • Metal Filling
    • Amalgam Filling
    • Composite Filling
    • Porcelain / Ceramic Filling