Oral health: Is tooth sensitivity one of the common signs of a cavity?


    Oral health: Is tooth sensitivity one of the common signs of a cavity?

    Tooth cavity and Sensitivity: Is there any relation between the two?

    The cavity is one of the most common tooth problems. Tooth cavity is not just the problem of age, but it can occur in anyone. Most probably, children are the ones who have tooth cavities because of increased sugar intake. Under this state, you must keep up with the appointments with the Best Dentist in Punjab to ensure that any problem is addressed effectively, even if there’s any problem.

    If a tooth cavity is not detected or treatment is not started on time, it leads to infection. Moreover, the chances of tooth loss are higher. In such a case, you need to get tooth repair, and sometimes dental implants are suggested to replace the damaged tooth. The blog will let you understand how tooth sensitivity is a sign of tooth cavities. Not just that, several signs are discussed below to make you aware and take measures to prevent the problem on time.

    Most common signs of tooth cavity

    Sign 1: Tooth Sensitivity

    Tooth sensitivity is not that prominent, but it’s one of the signs. Sensitivity is felt in the form of an itch or tickle. The teeth feel sensitive because the bacteria are present in that tooth area, which is likely to affect the enamel. As bacteria are present in that area and keep on affecting the nerves, the sensitivity is likely to increase. Moreover, if you have a hot, cold, acidic, or sugary substance, you can feel sensitivity.

    Sign 2: Increasing tooth pain

    Do you have tooth pain? Make sure not to let it go untreated. When you seek medical assistance on time, it will only help the condition get addressed effectively. Don’t let the condition progress further; otherwise, it can be something serious.

    Sign 3: Hole in the tooth

    Do you have a hole in your tooth? If yes! Then you have neglected the problem, and now you have a cavity. To deal with the problem and take down the pain of a cavity, you need to get dental fillings. Don’t let the situation linger for a long time. Otherwise, it is only going to result in gum problems. You can self-check your teeth in the mirror to ensure no holes in the teeth. If you see one, then you need to consult the Dentist.

    Sign 4: Visibility of dark spots on the teeth

    Do you notice dark spots on the tooth? If the problem has reached this stage, you have ignored the condition for a long time. Usually, you can see a black, brown, or gray spot on the teeth. So, this type of discoloration is a sign of a problem with your oral health, and you need to consult the Dentist.

    Sign 5: Pus

    Do you have extreme pain and fever? Such a stage means the cavity is now at the stage of the abscess. You don’t have to overlook such a problem; otherwise, it will only worsen.