Dental Bridge: How many teeth are possible to replace with a dental bridge?


    Dental Bridge: How many teeth are possible to replace with a dental bridge?

    Dental Bridge Treatment

    Dental bridge treatment comes under the option of tooth replacement if someone has a missing tooth. Dental bridges are fixed in one place so they won’t slide away or lead to bulkiness. One of the most significant factors in choosing a dental bridge is that you can get more than one tooth replaced with it. Under the expertise of one of the known Best Dentist in Punjab, you will get a customized treatment plan to address the condition effectively.

    Understanding of Dental Bridge

    A dental bridge is a dental restoration procedure to replace the lost teeth. The question is: Do you have a missing tooth? If yes! A dental bridge is a solution. The procedure allows us to connect the missing area with an artificial tooth.

    A dental bridge is done along with a dental crown made of composite resin or porcelain. Moreover, dental implants and dental bridges come together. Dental bridges allow you to connect the dots when you have a missing tooth.

    Dental bridge for the replacement of missing teeth

    How is dental bridge performed for tooth replacement? – The primary concern among the patients. The dentist cements the teeth fixture on one side of the gap: Be it natural or artificial. Cement allows to hold the bridge in i’s position and address the gap adequately. The process is time-consuming as it is customized as per the patient’s teeth structure. The dental bridge does not change the tooth functionality. Therefore you can:

    • Eat
    • Smile
    • Speak

    You can do all of the above like normal.

    Cost of dental bridge

    The patient wonders about the dental bridge cost Ludhiana. On average, the treatment cost is Rs 6000. Depending on your oral condition, the doctor will estimate the actual price for your situation.

    What’s the total count for teeth replacement with a dental bridge?

    The dental bridge allows you to replace around 1 to 4 teeth. The dentist checks the total count of teeth missing and proceeds with further steps accordingly. If needed and in rare cases, the dental bridge allows the replacement of more than four teeth. Although the factors considered are:

    • Presence of enough teeth to connect with the dental crown
    • Anchoring teeth should be of the right shape: You need to have strong and healthy teeth

    Strong teeth are vital and the chances of the dental bridge getting loose with time are higher. The success of the dental bridge depends on your overall teeth health. So, make sure your dental health is acceptable to complete the treatment.

    Schedule your initial consultation

    Do you have any questions about dental bridges? Please schedule your initial consultation to evaluate your oral health further and determine how many teeth need a dental bridge.