Different functions of Molar and Wisdom Teeth


    Different functions of Molar and Wisdom Teeth

    Taking care of the teeth is very important so that in old age you do not face any problem. But, if the teeth health is not proper then overall health gets impacted. In this topic, we have given the functioning of the molar and wisdom teeth so that you know how you should take proper care.

    Most of us take our teeth for granted. Until something does not go wrong we do not understand the importance of oral health care. The teeth do not help in chewing and digesting the food but it also plays an important role in speech.

    Types of Teeth

    Well, there are 2 types of teeth molar and wisdom teeth that need proper care also. The molar teeth are flat and located at the mouth back. They can be different in size and shape as well as they are the largest in the mouth. Molars are round in shape and help in grinding the food which can be swallowed easily. The front teeth are sharp and smaller as they are used for tearing & biting food. Molars are designed to give support in great amount  which occurs from clenching, grinding, and chewing. Each molar in tied-up with the 2 to 4 roots in the jaw bone. 

    The average adult has around 12 molars with 6 in lower jaw and 6 in the upper jaw. On each side of the lower and upper jaw, there are around 3 molars.

    Different types of molars

    The molar teeth occur when the child has lost their baby teeth.

    • First: These are referred to as 6-year molars as they occur around the age of 6.
    • Second: Another is 12-year molars as they occur at the age of 12.
    • Third: They are wisdom teeth which occur between the age of 17 to 25.

    Why wisdom teeth occur?

    The wisdom teeth are classified as third types of molars which are are vestiges from the past when the human was large and there were additional teeth. These teeth helped in chewing the food like nuts, roots, tough meats, and leaves. Eating this type of food was pretty tough especially when proper dental care tools were not available like paste, floss, and toothbrush. Due to this the tooth decay problem can become very common. Also, you should visit the dentist at the right time as they will diagnose your teeth and also check for any symptoms.

    Issue with Wisdom Teeth

    Throughout history, changes have been made to the jawbone size. The modern humans jaw smaller as compared to ancestors.

    When the wisdom teeth are formed, our teeth block it and this is referred to as getting impacted. The issue is that they will never erupt.

    To avoid the complications you should book your appointment at our dental clinic.