Difference between Dental inlays and outlays and when are they used?


    Difference between Dental inlays and outlays and when are they used?

    As we all know, whenever we are diagnosed with tooth decay, the ultimate option which we are left with is the filling. But many patients do wonder what kind of treatment options will be used. According to a dentist in Ludhiana, “ There are customarily three kinds of options:

    • Fillings

    • Dental inlays

    • Dental outlays

    The patients who approach the dental clinic in Ludhiana are sure to ask the following questions:

    • What is the functioning of an inlay and why is it used?

    A dental inlay is a category of filling which is moulded beforehand and it is particularly used in the grooves of your tooth. This is ordinarily used when the cavities have attacked the centre of your teeth. These are also called dental caries.

    Many of the questions that we have encountered are about the pain and the association of the discomfort with the dental inlays. But at this point, we would like to bust the myth about this procedure. This procedure is one of the most straightforward and painless procedures.

    First of all, the dentist will examine the extent of the cavity afterwards the corresponding area to be treated is made to get numb with the use of the local anaesthesia. Then the dentist aims at cleaning your cavity and soon after the dentists have successfully made your mouth get rid of the cavity and the associated germs, then the measurement of the top of the crevice is taken and is sent to the laboratory to get the porcelain or composite fillings made. These usually match the colour of your tooth. These are considered invisible dental restoration. According to the experience of our patients, the fillings made up of porcelain or composite resin are more durable as compared to the other fillings.

    • What is the difference between the onlays and the inlays?

    The onlays are used when the intensity of the tooth decay has gotten aggravated as the cavity has interfered with the cusp and the surface of the biting. While an inlay is used when the cavity has particularly affected the grooves of the teeth. But it is relevant to mention here that the procedure for installation of the dental inlays and the outlays are almost the same. Both require the need to numb the area with anaesthesia before undergoing the surgery.

    • When should you install the inlays?

    As we are aware that even after the maintenance of the proper oral hygiene and the regular appointments with the doctors, tooth decay and other damages to the teeth can still occur in the form of the following:

    • Broken tooth

    • Fractured tooth

    • Decayed tooth

    • Why should you visit Ludhiana Dental?

    You should visit Ludhiana dental clinic because this clinic is known to provide the best treatment with an experienced team of surgeons and dentists. Besides, we also take care of the after-care to make the patient undergo a little discomfort. We do make use of advanced technology because of which our treatment cost are highly economical and affordable.