Recession of gums – Symptoms, Possible Causes and the role of toothbrush


    Recession of gums – Symptoms, Possible Causes and the role of toothbrush

    If the proper hygiene of the mouth is not maintained, then it would surely result in many dental problems like tooth decay and many other periodontal diseases. According to the dentist in Ludhiana, “There is no cure for the recession of the gums except for the transformation in the dental-care routine” If you are unaware that which measures should you follow to maintain a healthy routine, then you should consult with the experienced dentist of the dental clinic in Ludhiana.

    All about the Recession of gums

    How would you find out the recession of gums?

    If your gums seem to have gotten inflamed or are appearing lowered in some teeth and are at others they are consistent. So it is the problem of the recession of gums. It needs your immediate attention and you have to check your dental routine whether you are following the necessary instructions or not.

    • Signs that your gums are getting receded

    Subsequent signs and symptoms show evidence that your gums are getting receded:

    • Foul breath
    • Swollen gums
    • Red gums
    • Experiencing bad taste in your mouth
    • Loosening of the teeth

    Besides, you will feel certain changes while making a bite or you will experience tendering of the surface of your teeth.

    • Causes that contributes for the recession of the gums

    Following causes contribute to the recession of the gums:

    As we all know that the predominant cause and the customary reason for the coming up of the recession of gums is periodontal disease. Besides, subsequent reasons are also known to contribute to this problem.

    • Incremented age
    • The affliction of the diabetes
    • Terrible oral hygiene
    • What is the role of your toothbrush in causing harm to the gums?

    The toothbrush plays a major role in causing damage to the gums.

    • Do not use the toothbrush which does have the harder bristles.
    • Do not brush aggressively, since it will not only lead to damage to the gums, but you may end up damaging your enamel.
    • You should make sure that you are brushing your teeth at least two times a day and rinsing your mouth each time you have eaten something.
    • Are there any other causes that would contribute to the problem of the recession of gums?

    Yes, there are some other causes as well which would contribute to this problem of the recession of gums:

    • Any injury that has taken place owing to sporting or any other accident.
    • Smoking is a cause that recedes your gum in a manner that completely spoils your smile.
    • When teeth are not in the right alignment and you have never put an effort to visit your doctor, then it is the problem of receding gums.
    • If your dentures have not been fitted in a good manner.
    • If you have the habit of grinding your teeth while sleeping then you should visit your dentist, so that he may help you with the teeth guards.