Dentist tips to take care of damaged, cracked, or painful teeth


    Dentist tips to take care of damaged, cracked, or painful teeth

    Accidents can happen anytime, and they won’t give any warning. At times, there’s a sudden freak fall that directly impacts the tooth and gradually leads to a crack in one or more teeth. When the impact is sudden and severe, there are high chances of experiencing:

    ●     Dental Pain

    ●     Discomfort

    Ideally, you need to consult one of the Best Dentist at the earliest to address the situation effectively. The fall that happens suddenly needs dental assistance to be sure there’s nothing serious, and if so, what’s the following dental plan action that should be taken. No matter what you say, it comes under the category of a dental emergency, and such conditions should not be delayed in any sense.

    In the time frame when you need to visit the Dental Clinic in Bangalore, there are a few essential considerations that are necessary to be taken.

    Home remedies for painful teeth

    Here are some helpful tips suggested by the dentist that you should take if there’s a fall and the tooth is cracked, damaged, or in pain.

    ●     Take necessary medications

    Do you have excruciating pain? Ideally, take the right amount of aspirin or any over-the-counter medications to help you with the same.

    If you don’t want to take medications or they are not available to you, then take a warm tea bag and place it over the teeth. The pain is reduced, and it will help you in the desired time frame you have to consult the dentist.


    ●     An ice pack can help with pain

    Apart from the heat, the discomfort is likely reduced with an ice pack or applying a cold can over the cheek. By doing so, the pain is reduced. Make sure when you do it, you take a gap so that it gives you utmost relief in all ways.

    Do it with caution!

    If your dentist lives far away from your place, only then do it. For chipped teeth and without any pain, you can sharpen the edges slowly with an emery board. This allows it to make it slightly smooth, and the chances of it cutting the gums are less.

    What to do if the teeth crack pains?

    In case the tooth crack is causing, and at present, you don’t take any medication, then simply keep a clove on the damaged tooth. Better break it from the center and then keep it. Clove is beneficial because it has oil in it, which allows the pain to reduce, and there are no such side effects.

    Final word!

    Following these simple yet effective options allows the pain to get reduced. So, till the time you don’t visit the dentist, you should follow these tips to ensure the pain is reduced by all means.