Dental treatment: Which are the most common types of braces?


    Dental treatment: Which are the most common types of braces?

    Are you getting confused about which braces to opt for?

    No doubt, it’s confusing in the first place, especially when you are not familiar with what to opt for or how a particular one is worth considering for a specific situation. If you are in a dilemma about what to think, then schedule a direct appointment at one of the renowned Dental Clinic in Ludhiana: Ludhiana Dental Centre. Under the expertise of a board-certified and skilled dentist, you are familiar with the entire process in the most reliable manner.

    Which are the different types of braces?

    Let’s make you understand the various categories of braces available in the present time:

    Dental braces: Metal braces

    Metal braces are one of the most common ones. No doubt, earlier it made it evident if someone was wearing them and it created problems because of its heavy size. Although, the medical invention has made it possible to have a better version. When you visit the dental clinic, ask the dentist about the right type of Dental Braces in Ludhiana as per your present oral teeth.

    Features of metal braces

    • Smaller
    • Faster
    • More Comfortable
    • More Effective

    It’s a perfect choice for children and adolescent patients. To get the wire tight, every 4 to 8 weeks, you need to visit the Best Dentist to ensure it’s tight enough to work effectively. Patients with poor oral hygiene have not suggested this option.

    Dental Braces: Ceramic Braces

    Ceramic braces are made from clear & tooth-like material. It’s not that visible like the metal braces are. If you don’t want to get Invisalign or lingual braces, this is the right choice. The affordability and factor of making it look good, by all means, make it a great choice.

    Self-ligating braces

    Another great choice is self-ligating braces which are made from metal and ceramic. The combination of wire and braces is imperative for the teeth to move. The self-ligating braces are suggested to the individuals in the given scenario:

    • Sensitivity is making utmost discomfort
    • Patients who are scared to attend a long dental visit
    • Those who are looking to seek orthodontic treatment and struggling with developmental delays. 

    Lingual braces

    Lingual braces are another practical choice, but it’s not that common in the market. It’s the technique and working of the same which requires utmost attention and to get it done, it’s essential to consult an experienced dentist. Some of the known lingual braces types are:

    • Incognito nano braces by 3M
    • Lingual Liberty
    • BRIUS
    • Suresmile by Dentsply
    • Harmony by American Orthodontics
    • Alias by Ormco

    Clear aligners and Invisalign

    Clear aligners and Invisalign availability in the market have increased to a great extent. It’s the features combined with it that make it an all popular choice, and some of the most effective ones are:

    • Clear and transparent
    • Removable
    • Brushing and flossing are done efficiently because of being a removable one
    • Faster than braces for some limited treatments
    • Shorter appointments are sometimes possible
    • Appointment frequency is less