Everything you need to know about the dental tooth filling procedure


    Everything you need to know about the dental tooth filling procedure

    The tooth filling is one of those options which is considered essential in addressing dental issues. Additionally, the tooth filling comes in different materials so it’s essential to determine which one is going to last for ‘How much time?’ You must get dental checkups from time to time to have a better understanding of the entire situation. Scheduling your consultation with the Dentist in Ludhiana from time to time is going to know which next step has to be taken.

    How long does the filling last?

    On average the Tooth Filling in Punjab lasts for around 10 years. Moreover, certain options can last longer than that. Indeed! It’s also about choosing a specific option that addresses your condition the right way. Keeping the material aside some factors are there which can create a problem with the tooth filling like:

    • Dental hygiene practices
    • Decay around the filling
    • Tooth trauma
    • Eating habits
    • Teeth grinding while asleep


    Type of Filling Average Duration
    Amalgam 15 years
    Composite 7 years
    Ceramic 15 years
    Glass ionomer 5 years


    Which are the types of fillings?

    • Amalgam fillings

    Amalgam fillings are referred to as silver fillings which have more metal in them as compared to silver. It even includes silver, copper, or tin alloy along with some elemental mercury. Not only is it budget-friendly but it is an extremely durable option. There are certain cases in which this option is not suggested like those who are pregnant, breastfeeding, under 6 years of age, have a neurological issue, or are allergic to mercury.


    • Composite

    Composite fillings are another great option that works great if it matches the teeth’ surroundings. This option is made with ceramic & acrylic resins. When the person maintains the right kind of oral health then it can last for around 10 years. It even addresses the chipped teeth & gap issue.


    • Gold fillings

    Gold fillings are another choice that works great in many cases but these are on the expensive side. Moreover, their feature of durability is way more than other options. On average it can last for around 20 years.


    • Ceramic & Glass Ionomer fillings

    Ceramic fillings are the ones that last for 15 years or even more. But, these are not preferred that much. The option of glass ionomer fillings is made through acrylic & glass option which is easy to fit in the tooth.


    When should the filling be the replacement?

    Well! Only when you take proper care the replacement for the filling is not needed. But this is also true that with time it’s obvious to have cracked it which needs to be replaced. It means the necessary change is needed for protecting the tooth from getting tooth decay severe. At times the situation demands it to get replaced. This is the reason it’s essential to get a dental checkup from time to time.


    Can diet create problems for dental filling?

    If your food intake includes an excess amount of sugary items then there will be a problem. Sugar will give the space for bacteria to grow easily which is the reason cavities are formed. You must limit the intake of nuts, ice, hard candy, or other food options as it can affect the teeth filling in excess.