Dental implants – Advantages, Osseointegration & Role of Oral Surgeon


    Dental implants – Advantages, Osseointegration & Role of Oral Surgeon

    According to the dentist in Ludhiana, “Dental implant surgery is the everlasting solution to the problem of the missing or the decayed tooth.” The dental implantation procedure carried out at the dental clinic in Ludhiana is so perfect that it gives you the exact appearance of the natural tooth.” Since the approach involves the embedding of the tooth in the jawbone, so it needs to be performed with expertise.

    Let’s get to know more about dental implants:

    • What is the outcome of the comparison between the bridges, dentures and dental implants?

    As we all know, dental implants are permanently fixed with the jawbone so they do not affect the nearby and the adjoining teeth. But if we talk about the bridges and the dentures, then they surely cause an impact on the neighbouring areas including teeth, gums and bones.

    • What do dental implants contain?

    Following is the list of the components of the dental implants:

    • Crowns

    • Titanium implant

    • Abutments

    • Why should we undergo dental implantation treatment?

    Following advantages can be enjoyed by the people who have undergone dental implantations:

    • You will not abstain from anything as far as the eating habits are concerned. You can eat and drink whatever you feel like but make sure to consume in moderation.

    • There are no side effects associated with it. Neither the adjoining bones nor the neighbouring teeth will get affected by this.

    • The bones can get preserved since the implants are only embedded in the jaw and not in the bones.

    • The aesthetics matters since the teeth are visible whenever we smile and speak. The delta implants make natural aesthetics certain.

    • If we compare the discomfort of the dentures with the dental implants, then it is negligible since there will not be an issue of the ill-fitting.

    • These have the potential to stay with you till the end of your lids. But you have to follow some of the precautions.

    • How do the oral and maxillofacial surgeons render his role?

    The nature of the dental implant procedure is surgical. There is a requirement that this procedure has to be performed by the best and highly trained surgeon. So as far as the oral and the maxillofacial surgeon is concerned, then he possesses the required expertise in the following:

    • Bone

    • Skills

    • Muscles

    • Nerves

    • How are implants fused with the jawbone?

    As discussed, the composition of the implants includes the use of titanium that is well known to get fused with the jawbone. The process which involves the steps of the fusing of the implant with the jawbone is known as osseointegration.


    The implants never get slipped

    They do not make the irritable noises as the dentures do

    Bottom Line

    We are now not unaware of the importance of the performance of the procedure by the expert oral surgeon. So whenever you want to undergo dental implantation treatment, please contact us as we have the expert staff that has the quintessential years of experience.