How to maintain the dental hygiene of children in their infant & childhood years?


    How to maintain the dental hygiene of children in their infant & childhood years?

    According to a dentist in Ludhiana, “The infants and the children are not able to maintain dental hygiene. So their parents have to do this thing for them”. So in this blog, we (experts of the Dental clinic in Ludhiana) shall be telling you the way with which you can maintain the oral hygiene of your children whether they are infants or are under the particular childhood age group

    So let’s begin

    When a child is 6 months old

    Following caring measures should be taken if your children are 6 months old or younger than that:

    • Whenever you end up feeding your baby, then make sure you are cleaning the baby’s mouth by either of the following measures:

    • Water and the cloth

    • Gauze

    • Soft toothbrush (Particularly for infants)

    • If you are a resident of the area in which there is no availability of the fluoridated water, then you should be consulting the doctor to get recommended with some of the fluoridated supplements.

    • You can also consult the doctor to enquire about the fluoride varnish that is to be applied to the tooth.

    • Make sure you are not getting your child fed inconsistently. You should have a routine and perfect schedule for your child to be fed.

    What if your child is 6 to 12 months old?

    • You should keep on checking during this period whether your child has encountered his first tooth or not. Make sure it is not getting delayed to the child’s first birthday.

    • Each time you feed the child, do not forget to clean his mouth. At this time you can incorporate the use of fluoride toothpaste in the brushing routine of your children.

    • When the child starts walking, please take care of him. Because many cases have been observed in which the children end up getting oppressed with the injuries.

    • Do not make your child leave breastfeeding before 1 year.

    What if your child is 1 to 3 years old?

    • At this time, the paediatric dentists will provide you with the schedule of the dental exams and the cleanings.

    Usual talk

    If we talk about how often the child should be taken to the dentist, then the child must be taken to the doctor after every 6 months.

    • When the child has crossed 3 years of age, then he becomes able to perform certain activities like that rinsing and splitting. It is the time when you should be incorporating the habit of brushing with the ape sized fluoridated toothpaste, to your child.

    Let’s throw some light on the facts

    • It is crucial on the parents’ part to take care of the childhood teeth of their children since they cause a huge impact on the adult tooth.

    • In case, the tooth of the baby gets decayed or is withdrawn at an early stage, then the permanent teeth will never come unless up take-up by the orthodontic treatment.

    Bottom Line

    So taking care of children/s dental hygiene during their infancy and childhood years is important since they impact the permanent tooth on a large scale.