Basic knowledge about guides – Tooth- Borne, Mucosal Born and Bone Borne


    Basic knowledge about guides – Tooth- Borne, Mucosal Born and Bone Borne

    The main point which becomes the centre of confusion for the clinicians is whether they should be placing the implants freehand or take the assistance of the surgical guide. A dentist in Ludhiana only and only takes the surgical aids into account if they know all the steps of the procedure and they have significant training to carry out the procedure. The dental clinic in Ludhiana structures a proper surgical plan and weighs the pros and cons of carrying out the surgery on the particular patient before performing the procedure.

    • Tooth Borne Guides

    These are convenient and adaptable in most clinical conditions. The giant benefits of using them are the additional retention, support and stability. The placement done through the tooth-borne guides is quite precise and carried out very accurately. The customary utilization of the tooth-borne guides for the fixed restorations (Single and multiple implants).

    • Mucosal Borne Guide

    With the name itself, we have got a clear idea that the support and stability are brought about by using the intraoral soft tissues. The fabrication of the guide is done on the removable prosthesis grounds. Usually, the people are concerned about the following in this regard:

    • Lack of retention

    • Variation in the thickness of the tissue

    • Variation in the thickness of the quality

    The flexible movements in multiple directions are the biggest advantage of the procedure.

    • Bone Born Guides

    The customary usage of the bone born guides is found in the treatment of the edentulous cases that are particularly full arch. The most acknowledged con of the Bone Born guide is the difficulty in the fabrication and the accuracy in the intraoral placement.

    • An important point to note

    • The surgical guide is not only bonded to the particular design.

    Biggest advantages

    • The planning and designing of the treatment can use sundry combinations of the supporting structures.

    • There are multiple treatment options in the case of edentulous patients.

    • The ultimate convenience, ease and adaptability to use the stackable guides are making it popular.

    Which key takeaways should you be knowing about the guides?

    If the good technique along with the precision then the guided surgery that could use any of the guides whether it is the tooth, mucosal and bone-born guides, the dental implant placement becomes even more predictable.

    The number of steps in the guided surgery is much more as compared to the freehand placement. These steps are critically helpful in laying out effective surgical plans for restoration purposes.

    So which dental clinic should you be choosing in that regard?

    You should be choosing the Ludhiana dental clinic if you want to take up effective surgeries through the variegated guides. The cost-effective prices along with the guaranteed outcomes are the one thing that tempts the patients to take treatment from us. We assure you that from our side, we contribute 100% and make sure that you will encounter any complications and side effects resulting from the surgery.