Dental Crown: A Strength, Protector, And Enhancer For The Teeth


    Dental Crown: A Strength, Protector, And Enhancer For The Teeth

    A dental crown is usually used for protection, strengthening, reshaping, or restoring the shape of the teeth. It is basically a cap that covers the damaged teeth by placing them on top of it.

    A dental crown is also used when Tooth Filling in Punjab does not solve the problem of your damaged teeth, the reason behind it might be that the root canal was done on a weak tooth which is why it needs protection.

    There are different forms of dental crowns available including ceramic, metal, resin, and porcelain.

    It not only enhances the look of the teeth but also gives optimum protection as it can solve many problems.

    These are some of the points that would give detailed information on the uses of dental crowns and why they are a crucial part of your teeth?

    Dental Crown And Its Important Role

    • Gives Protection To The Exposed Teeth: dental crowns play a role of a cover for the teeth that are exposed. For the restoration of an interior tooth, a Dentist in Ludhiana like to choose either ceramic or porcelain crown rather than metal. And for black teeth, they choose a porcelain crown that is attached with metal. If the tooth has been injured dental crown protects it, as direct force would not be applied to the damaged tooth.
    • Gives Strength To The Treated Tooth: if you have undergone a root canal operation you would know that it cleans out the pulp and nerves in the tooth. After the pulp and the nerves have been removed the tooth becomes brittle once it dried up. That is why the dentist fills the gap and offers more strength to it by covering it with a dental crown. It protects the treated tooth from any further cracks and damage.
    • Dental Crown And Its Assistance For Aesthetic Look: after you have gotten an implant, a dental crown gives it a final touch. With the help of a dental crown the impacted tooth gets both longevity and an attractive look. It is also further used for teeth that are discolored or deformed. If there is a tooth that is out of alignment, a dental crown can help in restoring it as it is meant to be blended with the neighboring teeth.
    • Dental Crown Gives A Required Dental Support: after you have lost a tooth, a dental crown supplies adequate support to the replacement. A dental crown would be set on the abutment, as it would be an aid in restoring the function and the shape of the mouth. A dental crown helps you to chew, speak and smile comfortably as it supports your dental bridge.  Although taking care of your teeth after the dental crown is important to keep them in good condition.