A question of the Day, Is it possible to remove all natural teeth and attain Dental Implants?


    A question of the Day, Is it possible to remove all natural teeth and attain Dental Implants?

    Someone may choose to laugh at this question, but millions have so far asked this question about the possibility. The major reason to ask before making a joke of this question is what may have led to an option of a full-mouth dental implants or dentures?

    There are countless individuals with extremely damaged dental health and when dental treatments are sought, the cost proves to be unbearable. Various conditions can lead to the termination of one’s dental health and appearance and these include;

    • Chemotherapy (cancer treatments)

      Prolonged smoking and drug abuse

      Prolonged poor oral hygiene

      Failure of root canal treatments

      Bone loss

      Decayed teeth

      Gum diseases


    The following case studies are taken as examples for opting full mouth dental implants

    Case Study 1

    Isaac was diagnosed with cancer that became aggressive within a year. He underwent a series of chemotherapy, before getting assured of a better health. During his treatment, the lower teeth became extremely unstable and unreliable. On that, they appeared as if he was a perpetual smoker.

    With the desire of saving his teeth, the immediate treatment was believed to be crowns, but do you know that crowns too get cavities? After evaluating the entire cost, dentures would serve for only 2 years, but with dental implants, the predicted time would be more than 5 years.

    Case Study 2

    After undergoing several root canal treatments, Kaur realized that her dental health is extremely falling apart. Without definite reasons, her upper jaw and part of the lower jaw were frequently aching. In dentistry, this is described as Temporomandibular joint pain (TMJ/TMD). Several issues can cause this pain;

    • Injury to the jaw joint

      Protective disc- arthritis

      Severe toothache

      Pain from the muscles

    In her case, injury to the TMJ was the prime cause of her poor dental health, but the initial dentists failed to offer effective treatments.

    After an examination at Ludhiana Dental centre, the best Dental Clinic in Ludhiana, dental implants were a perfect solution.

    Can dental implants really work?

    Yes, dental implants can be attained for your entire mouth for both aesthetic reasons and better oral health. However, with a procedure of dental implant in Ludhiana, you may face a major barrier of cost.

    In some cases, bone grafting may be necessary which can escalate the cost, but some dentist may choose to utilize a specialized positioning approach rather than performing bone grafting.

    However, the procedure will require multiple dental visits, especially before the dental implants are finally positioned into your mouth.

    During the first visits, the dentist will take an X-ray of your mouth (3-D) and also take the molds of your teeth to meticulously plan for the procedure.

    During the procedure, the existing teeth will be surgically removed and dental implants are positioned.

    The doctors may choose to begin with the lower jaw or the upper jaw and this extremely requires patience.

    Crowns will be lastly placed on the dental implants to perform as your natural teeth.