Excellent Foods for a Perfect Dental Health & Strong Teeth


    Excellent Foods for a Perfect Dental Health & Strong Teeth

    Since dental health is commonly camouflaged, this interesting article will probably trigger you to have a better oral health. Well, apart from the recommended annual or periodical dental checkups, you will in conjunction enjoy the fabulous foods recommended for patients in dentistry.

    This post provides essential foods that must be incorporated into your regular diet to stay at the peak of all the various dental carries that may attack you and your children’s dental health.

    Explaining the Tooth anatomy

    Explaining the Tooth anatomy

    Much as some people may think that a tooth is a dead tissue, that is absolutely wrong. A human mouth contains 32 teeth with unique purposes. Underneath the teeth, we have the enamel, cementum, roots, dentin, and the pulp, which all produce different symptoms in case affected by bacteria, debris, or acids

    Poor brushing and smoking habits are the main reasons for the various dental issues recorded at our centre. These cause bacteria to build up forming acids that destroy the tooth anatomy, leading to sensitivity, toothache, bad breath.

    The dental structure is mainly supported by calcium, iron, vitamins that provide stronger teeth and fights bacteria. The above and more nutrients to support your dental health can be attained from the following foods;

    • Milk

    A glass of milk a day is like an apple a day. Milk contains a good percentage of calcium that helps to keep your teeth healthy and stronger. It is absolutely recommended for children as they undergo dental development and for the case of women, it reduces the chances of periodontal disease

    • Cheese

    It is also rich in calcium, which helps in providing more minerals to the enamel thus fighting off possible cavities. It is highly recommended for the children

    • Meat

    For the non-vegetarians, this may be among the favorite dishes. Meat like beef, bacon, and mutton are excellent sources of amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and traceable elements required for general health. Eating meat also helps in saliva production, which ideally protects your mouth

    • Fish

    Fish is a good source of fluoride with recommended mercury levels to strengthen your enamel and fight off cavities due to bacteria build-up. You can also choose a fluoride toothpaste to provide 100% protection to your teeth

    • Fruits

    These include strawberries, oranges, tomatoes, and apples to provide the required vitamins. i.e. vitamin C. Vitamin C highly promotes collagen production, a major protein in maintaining your gum’s structure and strength.

    • Green vegetables

    These include spinach, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts. These among others are rich in calcium, magnesium, fluoride, vitamins, and phosphorus key elements required for gum protection, re-mineralizing of the enamel, and promoting overall dental health

    • Water Intake

    Increasing water intake is like fuel to your teeth because it increases saliva levels. In addition, water is considered one of the best sources of all minerals and nutrients required for the daily function of the body.

    Water will also help in the elimination of bacteria and detoxify the body through sweating, wastes, and urine

    • Cabbages

    Cabbages and normally accompanied by carrots and the good thing is that they can also be consumed raw. These foods are known to promote chewing that facilitates mechanical rubbing to remove bacteria, dental plaque, and debris (food remains)

    • Nuts & Pulses

    You have a variety of these to choose from and they include almonds, groundnuts, dried beans, split beans, and chickpeas. These are rich in calcium, fluoride, and also help in fighting cavities