Zirconia and Metal Ceramic Crown: Advantages and Disadvantages


    Zirconia and Metal Ceramic Crown: Advantages and Disadvantages

    Many people undergo different dental treatments such as root canal or wisdom tooth extraction, etc. In many treatments, the best dentist in Ludhiana recommends capping the teeth, also known as a dental crown. When is a dental crown required? You may need a cap or dental crown if you have broken, crooked, chipped or discoloured teeth. It is also required for weak teeth especially after dental treatments such as root canal therapy (RCT).  

    What is the Zirconia Crown?

    Zirconia crowns are popular and in demand due to its close resemblance to natural teeth, strength and durability. It is made of zirconium dioxide which is a powdered ceramic material and white in colour. It can prevent or slow down wear and tear of teeth. In addition to this, it is stronger and durable as compared to other material crowns such as metal alloys and porcelain. Unlike other crown options, it does not put high stress on opposing pieces. 

    Advantages of Zirconia Crown 

    Following are the advantages of Zirconia Crown:

    • Appearance – A zirconia crown is identical to natural teeth which is why along with dentists, people also prefer getting zirconia crown. 
    • Cost Effective – It is cost effective as you need a full protection after treatments such as RCT. RCT cost in ludhiana is affordable and proper aftercare is required. Hence, investing in zirconia crown is worth every penny.
    • Customization – It can be shaped easily and does not require much time. Shaping of the zirconia crown can be done by dentists in their clinic as per your specific measurements and you can get done with your fitting within a single appointment.
    • Biocompatible – It is biocompatible which means it does not cause any harm to the body. Overtime other materials can cause some allergic reactions to people. Also, it does not harm the remains of the teeth under the cap which can happen in case of metal ceramic crown. 
    • Durability – As compared to other dental crowns, zirconia is highly durable, strong and long lasting. This makes it a preferred choice among the best dentists in Ludhiana

    Disadvantages of Zirconia Crown

    Zirconia crown more pros than cons, however, some issues with zirconia crown are as follows:

    • Zirconia crowns, when compared to other dental crowns, are more expensive. 
    • Although durability and strength are its advantages, they tend to become disadvantages as well. Due to its high strength and robustness, it can harm the surface of opposite natural teeth.
    • It is not recommended for capping the front teeth due to its opaque appearance. It may slightly look less natural.

    What is a metal ceramic crown?

    Just as the name suggests, metal ceramics are made of metals and consist of different types depending on the material used, it contains metal and ceramic. You can ask your dentist in Ludhiana about the dental crown that is best for you. In this, metals can be nickel, chromium, titanium, gold and molybdenum. Each has its benefits and limitations. For instance, nickel based metal crowns are highly affordable but can cause allergy, whereas gold crowns are best as they are biocompatible but are highly expensive. 

    Advantages of Metal Ceramic Crown

    • Most of the metal ceramic crowns are affordable. 
    • It has a longer life span.
    • Metal ceramic crowns are also high in strength.
    • The Color of the metal ceramic crown lasts longer. 

    Disadvantages of Metal Ceramic Crown

    • Metal crowns such as gold and titanium can be expensive.
    • Some metal crowns can cause allergic reactions for some people. 
    • The colour of these crowns differs from natural teeth colour.


    Various kinds of caps are available in the market, each consisting of its own benefits and limitations. Consult your dentist in ludhiana to find out which option is best for you. Accordingly, you can decide whether you want to go with a zirconia crown or metal ceramic crown.