Fix Impaired Tooth With These Effective Dental Care Procedures


    Fix Impaired Tooth With These Effective Dental Care Procedures

    A Missing Or Broken Tooth

    A missing or damaged tooth condition brings unconfidence in the smile. The affected person often tends to be cautious before smiling or laughing. However, one can get rid of this insecurity by undergoing dental treatment. It would help if you consult with a Dentist in Ludhiana and understand the entire procedure first.

    Is Dental Diagnosis Painful?

    Medical science is so advanced that anyone can opt for painless dental procedures. So you can let this fear of pain out of your mind now. Also, consider going for orthodontics if your teeth are misaligned. And to know the exact Orthodontic Treatment Cost in India, contact a dental clinic today.

    Dental Treatments For A Damaged Tooth

    As multiple ways exist to resolve this issue, knowing and understanding each one in detail will help you select the right one.

    • Dental Crown

    You can consider going for dental crown treatment if a large cavity is about to develop in your teeth. In this dental procedure, your dentist will place a dental cap that will encircle the broken tooth. This treatment is also very beneficial to save the entire affected portion. According to experts, the dental crown is one of the safest procedures for dental restoration.

    • Veneers

    Veneers are an excellent option to go with if your teeth are preventing you from having an aesthetic smile. This treatment can fix the issue of uneven, coloured, damaged teeth, etc. Materials used to fabricate veneers are dental porcelain and composite. You will have results soon, as this procedure is quick.

    • Teeth Bonding

    Dental bonding can give you relief from cracked, decayed, discoloured teeth, etc. This treatment allows you to have a smile in confidence by eliminating all related concerns to dental health. Also, the other remarkable thing about this dental procedure is that it won’t take long and usually requires one visit to the dentist.

    • Dental Implant

    A dental implant offers artificial teeth that closely duplicate real ones to fix the problem of missing and damaged teeth. The procedure of this treatment can vary depending on your dental or jaw condition. Also, the jaw bone gets new and rigid support through this procedure and usually takes plenty of time to heal.


    • Root Canal

    Opt for root canal treatment in case of a severely infected or cracked tooth. Unlike other treatments, this dental procedure doesn’t demand the removal of the infected tooth. In this procedure, your doctor will first eliminate the infection and then place a dental crown to stop the disease from spreading.

    • Filling

    Dental filling comes as the first choice when the doctor has to treat teeth cavity. The decayed part gets removed first, and then the dentist fills that portion with a restorative material.

    Opt For Treatment Here

    Well, you must contact Ludhiana Dental Centre and have a consultation with highly skilled Endodontists in Ludhiana with years of experience to know more regarding the procedures mentioned above.