Oral Health Issues Due to Diabetes: Treatment and Prevention


    Oral Health Issues Due to Diabetes: Treatment and Prevention

    Diabetes makes your immune system weak, making it difficult for your body to heal faster and fight bacterias and fungus. It not only increases risk of heart diseases causing heart attacks and strokes, eye blindness, damage nerves, kidney diseases but can also cause dental health problems. Oral health problems such as periodontal (gum) disease, tooth decay, mouth ulcers, gum abscesses, etc. affect people suffering from diabetes. In such cases you should get it treated from the best dentist in Ludhiana

    Link Between Diabetes and Oral Health

    A person suffering from diabetes is prone to get other health problems as in diabetes, your body fails to produce enough insulin or makes little insulin that is responsible to use blood sugar for energy. When cells stop responding to insulin or insufficient insulin levels result in too much glucose in the bloodstream. This causes serious health problems including dental problems. Hence, it is necessary for you to get regular checkups and timely treatment from the best dentist in Ludhiana to keep your oral health problems at bay.

    Common Oral Health Problems Due to Diabetes 

    These are some of the common oral health diseases diabetic patients can suffer from:

    • Gingivitis – Build of plaque can cause increase in bacteria further causing redness and swelling in gums. 
    • Tooth decay – It is a condition where enamel is attacked and the surface of teeth is damaged due to increase of bacteria in the mouth.
    • Periodontal – It is a gum disease that affects tissues that hold the teeth in place. It is aused by poor flossing and brushing habits leading to plaque build-up. 
    • Dry mouth – Dry mouth is caused due to low saliva levels.
    • Thrush – A type of fungal infection that results in creamy lesions on inner cheeks and tongue.

    Warning Signs 

    You must consult your dentist if you see the following warning signs consistently:

    • Redness or swelling in gums.
    • Bleeding in gums while brushing.
    • Loose gums.
    • Persistent bad breath despite brushing.
    • Loosening of permanent teeth.


    There are various treatments and medications available to manage and control dental problems due to diabetes. The treatment depends on the type of dental problem you are facing. Dental treatments like surgery can be expensive but RCT cost in Ludhiana is affordable.You need to contact your  dentist to find out the solution that best suits your condition.


    Follow the below mentioned prevention tips to avoid serious dental problems.

    • Check blood sugar level on a daily basis as it will help prevent dental problems.
    • Eat diabetes-friendly meals, take regular medications to avoid high sugar levels.
    • Thoroughly brush and floss teeth. 
    • Follow self-analysis frequently and look out for warning signs.
    • If you consistently notice a sign, get it treated immediately from your dentist in ludhiana.  

    One health problem like diabetes can easily lead to another issue like dental problems. Proper medication and a healthy lifestyle can help mitigate or avoid serious health issues. Hence, it is essential that you regularly visit your dentist and maintain good oral hygiene.