Your Dentist Can Explain More About Your Health Just By Looking In Your Mouth


    Your Dentist Can Explain More About Your Health Just By Looking In Your Mouth

    Your dentist is able to find out how healthy your teeth are by having a look into your mouth. There are many diseases which can be indicated in the mouth. At many times, feelings of being ill first appear in the mouth. Like red gums, are a cause of not taking care of oral hygiene, poor diet, or smoking.

    Below are mentioned some health conditions which can be spotted in the mouth:

    Not Having Proper Nutrition

    The mouth can tell if you are not having proper nutrition. A red tongue is indicative of being iron deficient.

    On the other hand, bleeding and red gums are indicative of the absence of tartar( there is not Vitamin C sufficient  in the body.

    Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease Or GERD

    While taking your routine examination, your dentist might notice your tooth to be eroded, which is a signal of GERD.  The dentists will ask you to visit a general physician for getting it treated.


    This can be noticed by having changes in tongue, like swelling, or extra redness.

    Because leukemia affects the body’s cells which fight infection, a patient having leukemia may develop a sore throat or bronchial pneumonia, along with having mouth sores or rashes in the skin.


    Anemia occurs when the blood is deprived of having healthy red blood cells or hemoglobin. It can lead to a patient’s mouth to become red and also can have a burning feeling.

    If the dentist in dental clinic notices these signs, then he might also ask you to get a blood test done.

    Sleep Apnea And Snoring

    People who snore while sleeping have a problem of grinding their teeth. People who have the problem of grinding teeth have a flatter teeth. The color of their teeth also appears to be yellow.

    Sleep Apnea further leads to more health problems, like heart disease or diabetes. Your dentist might ask you if you have issues falling asleep or staying asleep, the dentist might also ask if you feel like sleeping all the time or you feel tired all the time.

    In case you have issues with any of the above things, then it is best to consult a sleep specialist for getting tested.

    So, now that you have come to know that how a dentist can help find out so many health issues regarding you, we recommend you to please go to your dentist and get yourself checked if anything is bothering you.