What is a dental CBCT scan? What is the need for a dental CBCT scan?


    What is a dental CBCT scan? What is the need for a dental CBCT scan?

    Dental CBCT Scan

    For patients that require dental implant treatment, there’s a need for the CBCT scan. In case you have never gotten the scan before, then you can talk about the same with the Endodontists in Ludhiana to make the said journey much easier to deal with. The dentist will answer all the necessary questions to help you get things done correctly.

    What is a dental CBCT scan?

    Consulting one of the best Dentist in Ludhiana, you will be made aware of the entire process and ensure each & every step is taken with utmost caution. The CBCT scan uses an accurate system to make the bone captured with ease. Just a minute is required, and 1500 to 200 images are taken from different angles. The data allows us to capture the bones with ease and check the parts like:

    • Teeth
    • Jaw, neck, and mouth
    • Nose, ears, and throat (ENT)

    The benefit of CBCT scan is its effectiveness in providing a detailed scan and ensuring there better results are obtained. Additionally, the requirement for the total scans is even less. If you want to know in detail about the CBCT scan and Orthodontic Treatment Cost in India, then you should get the attention of the dentist to make an informed choice.

    What are the benefits of CBCT scans?

    • A healthy smile is the foundation of healthy gums and bones. The aim of periodontists is to help maintain and build the gums. The use of CBCT scans plays an essential role in providing quality periodontal treatment and ensuring dental health stays at the right level. The most common reasons to choose a CBCT scan are:
    • The radiation dose is much less as compared to standard X-rays
    • Quick procedure, and patient feels extremely comfortable
    • Gives detailed information about the present oral health
    • Helps in providing a better image of the tooth and known for its accurate results

    What are the reasons for the CBCT scan?

    • The aim of a CBCT scan is to show the nerves, bones, and soft tissues with proper precision. With that, it makes it much easier to carry out further treatment plans. It’s the most reliable means to diagnose health and plan treatment with a suitable approach. The CBCT scan allows for better diagnose by ensuring the following:
    • Helps in giving detailed measurement that includes the dimension and shape of your jaw
    • Makes it easier to check the possible gum problem
    • Check from where the pain is originating
    • Check the presence of lesions that might show the sign of serious health concern
    • Check the area from where the pain originated
    • Check the nasal cavity, sinus, and other problems

    What to expect during a CBCT scan?

    • The CBCT scan is comfortable and does not take much of your time. Additionally, you don’t have to stress yourself too much. Some of the things that you can expect from the procedure are:
    • Make sure to stay still for the scan
    • Do not wear anything while getting the scan, like eyeglasses, jewelry, hearing aids, and metal objects
    • Inform the dentist if you are pregnant, or there’s any chance you might be
    • Just 30 seconds, and you are done