What are the Signs of a Dental Emergency?


    What are the Signs of a Dental Emergency?

    We all love our shiny and bright teeth. But, to maintain them they need proper care which is done by following a dental care routine as suggested by your doctor. But, at times there are some conditions in which you need to visit the doctor right away. Read to topic to learn more.

    Growing up we all heard that dental care should be given proper importance. But, at times when people do not follow the dental care routine properly then it can turn out to be something serious. The dental emergency can involve the gums and teeth. If not treated at the right time it can lead to permanent damage on the teeth. In that, it is important that you seek the help of the dentist without waiting any further.

    Signs of Dental Emergency

    • Root canal pain

    If the pain is not bearable then you might have to get a root canal treatment. So, you need to take action immediately. In this process, the pulp and tooth nerve is removed. If the condition is very severe then nerve might start dying. This happens because of trauma and it might happen because of some other reasons also. The damage to the nerve and teeth can lead to severe pain. Undergoing the procedure can help the pain to go away and it will restore the functioning of your teeth.

    • Following tooth extraction there is pain

    In this case, there are high chances that you have an infection which needs treatment at the right time. Usually, the pain starts after 2 to 4 days and it can be extremely painful and tenderness is also there. The infection can be treated with warm saline solution.

    Make sure whatever the case you should visit the dental clinic to get the best treatment plan.

    • Cracked tooth

    This might not hurt but it can make it difficult for you to eat or drink hot and cold items which include food also. It is not an emergency but seeking help at the right time can prevent the problem from increasing. If pain is all the time then it is an emergency because blood vessel might be damaged.

    • Broken Tooth

    If a large part of the teeth is broken then visit the doctor right away. Root canal treatment might be needed. To get relief from the pain you should take over-the-counter pills by consulting the doctor.

    • Abscess tooth pain

    In this case, biting food can be extremely painful which needs to get treated immediately. This is caused by an infected tooth. By taking the medications the pain might go away but the abscessed tooth will be there as the tooth is infected which needs to clear at the right time.

    If are facing any such problem which is affecting your life also then do book your appointment today only!