What Are The Causes & Symptoms Of Toothache? How To Treat & Prevent These?


    What Are The Causes & Symptoms Of Toothache? How To Treat & Prevent These?

    Toothache – Pain In And Around The Teeth

    If the toothache is getting unendurable, then it’s high time to approach a dentist in Ludhiana. The immediate consultation with the dentist is necessary because if any of the following is the cause of your problem and you are delaying in visiting the specialist, then complications would emerge:

      • Tooth Decay
      • Abscession Of Tooth
      • Fracture In Tooth
      • Damaged Filling
      • Infection In The Gums
      • Tooth Decay

    Which Symptoms Are Associated With Toothache?

    When a person is down with toothache, then he is sure to suffer from the following alongside:

      • The constantly sharp and the throbbing pain in the tooth.

    Note: There are some cases in which the pain only comes to existence when the pressure is being appalled to the tooth.

      • The surrounding of the tooth may get swelled up
      • Fever
      • Perpetually irritating headache
      • The very bad taste of the fluid draining from the infected tooth

    What Is The Right Time To Visit A Dentist?

    Do not delay in visiting the dentist if any or all of the following are being experienced:

      • The toothache is lasting longer than 2 days
      • The toothache is severe
      • You are suffering from a fever
      • Pain is encountered with:
        • Ear
        • Mouth (When opened wide)

    Why Visit Ludhiana Dental Clinic?

    The dentists at our clinic are vastly experienced and recognised for treating dental infections. They treat the infections in a way that their spread is stopped at the initial stage. Because if it is allowed to spread then it may reach the sundry parts of the following

      • Face
      • Skull
      • Bloodstream

    How Do Dentists At Our Clinic Treat The Toothache-patients?

      • Physical Examination

    The dentists are trained to evaluate the situation of the patient with the following:

        • Medical History
        • Physical examination
      • Communication

    You will have to answer all the following questions:

        • When did the pain start?
        • How severe is it?
        • What is the location of pain?
        • How do you feel better when it hurts irritatingly?
        • What, according to you, makes your pain worse?
      • Testing Of The Surrounding Organs

    To find out the origin of the problem, the following organs will also be checked:

        • Mouth
        • Teeth
        • Gums
        • Jaws
        • Tongue
        • Throat
        • Sinuses
        • Ears
        • Nose
        • Neck

    Which Treatment Options Are Available For The Toothache?

    The treatment plan, as we all, know is personalised which thoroughly depends upon the cause.

      • Toothache Causing Cavity

    If it is the cavity that is making you bothered with the pain then the doctor will choose from the following option as per your condition:

        • Filling the cavity
        • Extraction of the tooth.
      • Infection In The Nerves Of The Tooth

    In this case, the root canal treatment will produce desirable results.

      • Swelling Of The Jaw

    If fever is experiencing swelling, then the patient will be prescribed some of the antibiotics.

    How To Prevent Toothaches?

    By paying attention to the below-enlisted measures, it is possible to prevent the toothaches:

      • Following A Good Oral Hygiene Routine Which Incorporates:
      • Using A Fluoride-containing Toothpaste
      • Floss The Teeth Daily
      • Use A Mouthwash At Least Twice A Day
      • Eat Foods That Are Low In Sugar