What Are Dental Implants, And Who Is It Necessary To Have One?


    What Are Dental Implants, And Who Is It Necessary To Have One?

    Oral health is one of the most important things that, surprisingly, many people neglect to take care of. And no, brushing your teeth once or twice a day is not the end of oral care. You should visit the best dental clinic at least after every six months to take care of your mouth. So, do not wait anymore and book your appointment to live a healthier life.

    Today in this blog, we will be talking about replacing teeth or dental implants Ludhiana and its importance. But before we jump into that, it is necessary to know what exactly dental implants are?

    What Is Dental Implant?

    A dental implant is basically a solid titanium alloy screw that the dentist uses at the time of the surgery to replace the missing or damaged natural teeth. The dentist drills the dental implant into the jawbone. The dentist does this so that the screw can firmly connect with the artificial teeth or any other form of a dental prosthesis to the jaw.

    Apart from using dental implant Ludhiana to replace the missing or broken teeth, the dentist also uses them to offer support to any removable and loose dentures.

    I hope this might have helped you to understand what exactly dental implants are? Now let us move toward the main topic of this blog. Why is replacing badly damaged or lost teeth necessary in the first place?

    Why Are Dental Implants Important?

    Given below are some of the reasons that might tell you why replacing teeth is essential if they are broken, lost, or damaged.

    • For the appearance

    You might not think about how vital teeth are to form a good appearance. It is primarily liable to those who have all of their teeth. Even a single missing tooth can put a lot of emotional stress on someone. It reduces the self-confidence of a person, which ruins their professional, personal and social life. You can deny the fact that, to a certain degree, we all are very conscious of our appearance, and we find ways to make ourselves look perfect.

    Nobody wants to imagine a scenario where they cannot smile because of a missing tooth or two. It can also cause depression and lack of confidence. This is the reason why dental implants were and is a great hit to boost the patient’s overall confidence and morale effects. Also, you would not find any difference between the replaced tooth and the natural one, at least externally. It is safe to say that it does affect the physical appearance for the better.

    • For oral health

    Another thing for which dental implants are important is to have better oral health. Just as you have lost a tooth or two, it automatically disbalances the dental structure. This dental structure or the gap allows the other remaining teeth to shift and tilt as a result of doing even the most trivial activity like chewing. It is very evident in the teeth which are nearest to the gap. If you do not treat it in time, it can affect your chewing ability.


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