Tooth Replacement Treatments: Dentures, Implants, and Bridges


    Tooth Replacement Treatments: Dentures, Implants, and Bridges

    If you are suffering from the problem of loss of the one or more teeth, then there are the number of the options that are available for you. There are the numbers of the reasons for the loss of the teeth like cavities, gum disease, injury etc. Missing teeth will lead you the problem in chewing. Then visit the dentist for the dental implants, bridges, and debentures will become the important aspect of maintaining the dental health. You can consult the best dental clinic in Ludhiana for the tooth replacement in India.

    Dental Implants

    Dental implants are the treatment in which the roots are inserted in a jaw of the person in order to replace the lost tooth. This is the surgical placement of the metal post under your gums. The replaced tooth is known as the crown. This will give you the natural appearance of the natural tooth.

    Dental implants do not affect any other teeth. Implants always give you the look and feel of the natural teeth. For the dental implant, you require the good health and jawbone in order to hold the jaw bone in the proper position.

    Dental Bridges

    A fixed partial denture is commonly known as the name of Bridge. This is the good alternative for those people who have one or more teeth missing. Partial dentures are responsible for filling the gap between the other teeth. These are usually surrounded by the bonded teeth so that they can keep in the proper place. This is the reason; this is known with the name of the fixed.

    The next type of the partial denture is known as the removable partial denture. These types of the dentures are removed and cleaned by you. One more option is the implant bridge; this is attached to the dental implants in the jawbone.

    Full Dentures

    This is the alternative solution for those who don’t have any teeth or lost most of the teeth. Then the full debentures or the false teeth are the best solutions for this type of the teeth replacement.

    Types of debentures: There are two types of the debentures

    • Complete dentures: These types of the dentures are used when the person doesn’t have any teeth remaining or all the remaining teeth are needed to be removed. Complete dentures cover the upper and the lower gums. When the persons remove all the teeth, then your dentist will provide you the denture that needs to wear about 45 to 60 days. In that time periods, your gums will be healed properly

    • Over-dentures: these are commonly known as the removable dentures. This is usually used with the dental implant when some of the teeth are remaining. If the dental implant or remaining teeth will provide the support, then over-dentures will be the ultimate option.

    Dentures are used to provide your mouth normal look. This will help you to maintain your facial shape and also help you to feel good.