How does tobacco use leave a negative impact on oral health?


    How does tobacco use leave a negative impact on oral health?

    India holds second place after China for tobacco consumption and production. Well, that’s not surprising, as there’s more to it. Tobacco consumption negatively impacts oral health. Considering the reason, it’s essential to visit one of the best Dental Clinic in Ludhiana to know all the necessary measures you should take to improve your oral health.

    Did you know?

    In India, those consuming tobacco include individuals of the age of 35, which holds for around 35%. Moreover, about 10 Lakh individuals are diagnosed with tobacco-related health issues. Such individuals are at higher chances of getting dental treatment options like Tooth Filling in Punjab and more to take care of their oral health.

    How does tobacco intake affect oral health?

    Bad breath

    One of the most obvious and common is that people have bad breath. If someone smokes even for a little white, the cigarette particles stay in the mouth, which affects the breath. Additionally, the saliva flow is impacted. If you have a dry mouth, it’s one of the significant reasons behind bad breath.

    Tooth discoloration

    Cigarette smoke contains nicotine which can easily stay in the teeth. No doubt, nicotine is colorless, but as it gets in touch with oxygen, there are high chances of having yellow teeth. So, the same tooth enamel is affected.

    Gum problem

    Chewing tobacco or smoking affects the teeth gums. Such a situation is likely to affect the gums tissues, which affects the immune system, and the body will have to fight the problem independently. Moreover, such individuals have higher chances of getting an oral infection. Such factors are even the reason behind the jaw bone infection, leading to tooth loss.

    How to overcome the habit of chewing tobacco?

    Some of the ways that can help you with your habit to stop chewing tobacco are:

    • Prepare a plan to quit and then stick to it

    It would help if you made a plan to quit tobacco and then stick to it. Doing so means that you are all focused and motivated towards the same. If you cannot make a plan on your own, then you can get dentist assistance for the same.

    • Direct your focus towards something else

    It would help if you shifted your focus towards something else so that it helps you not get yourself involved in the habit of chewing tobacco. Some of the practices which can help you are exercising, walking, planning for a movie or dinner at a non-smoking place, chewing gum, and drinking water.

    • Don’t get in close to the triggers.

    There is no need to go to a place or meet an individual who brings out your urge to consume tobacco. It’s better that you eat healthy food.

    • Stay positive

    It would help if you quit tobacco consumption in all ways. There is no need to put extra stress on you, and make sure that you take one step at a time. If you have set one date, then better stick to the same.