Tips To Prevent Teeth Grinding


    Tips To Prevent Teeth Grinding

    Teeth grinding problem is becoming very common. But people are not aware they suffer from this health condition as they do it when they are sleeping To solve the issue treatment is essential. In this guide, we have mentioned the tips which will help you prevent the problem of teeth grinding.

    You might not even realize what you are doing when you are asleep. But when you wake up in the morning you have jaw pain, chipped enamel on the teeth, or headaches. It might be possible that in your sleep you are grinding the teeth. Many people suffer from this condition and it is known as bruxism.

    What is Bruxism?

    Well, the issue is a nightmare for people who are dealing with it. Many times their partner notice that they are facing this issue because they can hear the grinding sound.

    Researchers are still not sure why this problem occurs but there are various theories. Studies have shown that nocturnal bruxism is linked by the central nervous system which triggers the sleep arousal issue, smoking, alcohol, drug, and genetic factors. It is more common in children and become less common with age.

    What are the signs of Teeth Grinding?

    • The most common reason is that you grind the teeth yourself.
    • Teeth wearing
    • Jaw muscle tenderness
    • Headaches
    • Pain while moving the muscle
    • The temple area head muscles are tender.

    In case, the problem is not treated then it can increase the complications in the future. It is possible that damage can become permanent.

    How to treat the teeth grinding or bruxism?

    • First of all, seeking the help of the dentist is the best choice as they will give you the various dental tips which will help to effectively solve the problem. 
    • The treatment option which is done first is wearing the night guard. It will be made just for you and it will fit on the top of the teeth. Keep in mind you won’t stop grinding but it will protect the teeth. 
    • Stress is one of the common causes of teeth grinding so you should exercise as it will help you get rid of tension. 
    • Before going to bed, you should take a warm bath as it will relax the jaw muscles. Another option is that soak a cloth in warm water and keep it on the jaw. 
    • Massaging the jaw muscles will relax them. So you need to gently rub it whenever you feel tense. 
    • Cutting back the consumption of alcohol and coffee is very helpful. So make sure you do not drink these in the evening. 

    Following the dental health tips given by the doctor will help you live a quality life. If you are facing problems visit our dental clinic and consult the issue with our doctor.