Some Natural Toothache Remedies


    Some Natural Toothache Remedies

    Toothache can be extremely annoying. The dull and aching pain can move to the jaw and the head. Toothache occurs due to the nerve irritation which is inside the tooth. Getting the problem treated is extremely essential. In this guide, we have shared the natural toothache remedies.

    Given below are some of the natural toothache remedies which can help you get relief until your next visit to the dental clinic:

    • Cloves

    Cloves are one of the natural painkillers and they are full of antibacterial properties. In Indian and Chinese medicine this is one of the main elements used for a long time to get relief from pain and aches. Cloves are an effective method for toothache. 

    – How to use them?

    You can use dried cloves or clove oil which can be found in the market. The dried cloves should be placed between the problematic teeth and this will kill the pain. 

    To use clove oil, put some drops of oil on a cotton pad along with olive oil. After that, place it near the painful teeth. Keep in mind, pregnant women should not use clove oil. So, before you try any of the natural remedies or anything else, talk to your dentist

    • Rinse mouth with salt warm

    Daily you should rinse the mouth with warm salt water to get rid of the toothache. This is an excellent way to clean out the pieces present between the teeth which can result in a toothache. 

    – How to use it?

    Mix a couple of teaspoons of salt in the warm water. Swirl the mixture for 60 seconds and pay attention to the areas which result in a toothache. 

    • Cold Compress

    Cold compress is another option to get relief from a toothache, specifically which is due to swelling around the tooth. 

    – How to use them?

    You should get frozen peas wrapped in a towel or small towel dipped in ice water for 2 to 3 minutes. Place it around the problematic tooth and this will help to reduce some swelling in the face and gums. 

    • Activated Charcoal

    Activated Charcoal comes from carbon which you can get from the stores. Activated charcoal is used by the doctor for poisoning treatments and it helps to prevent chemical absorption. 

    Some of the studies claim that it can provide toothache relief. Mix it in water till the time it forms a paste-like mixture. Apply some of it on a thin material or a piece of gauze and then bite on it. 

    • Whiskey

    One of the favorite remedies for a long time is whiskey which can provide relief from the toothache in infants and grown-ups.

    Make sure to consult the doctor first on which method you need to try as he will let you know what suits your condition the best.