Root canal: It is the treatment to repair and save the badly damaged tooth. It is the repairing technique to repair the tooth so that it can function normally. The tooth that has severe decay problem has damaged the tissue in the tooth. It is commonly known as pulp. During the process, pulp and nerve are removed from the tooth. It is completely cleaned so that any harmful bacteria cannot affect the tooth. Nerves are essential for the healthy tooth. Nerves will provide you knowledge regarding the hotness and coldness of the thing.

    Reasons behind the tooth infection:

    Infection in blood vessels and nerves: The root canal section consists of blood vessels and nerves. These are essential to provide nutrients and oxygen to the teeth. When the person avoids dental decay then it gradually reaches the root canal and infects it.

    The second reason of tooth infection is the leakage from filling.

    The third reason of spreading the infection is the accidental cracks.

    Gum infection which reach to the root.

    Right candidate for the treatment:

    Symptoms help to choose the right kind of individual for this kind of treatment:

    Swelling in the gums

    Discoloration of teeth.

    Tenderness in gums

    Experiencing hypersensitivity like coldness and hotness.

    Feel severe ache during chewing food.

    Types of Root canal treatment:

    Different types of Root canal treatment in India are:

    1. Primary treatment.

    2. Secondary treatment.

    3. Pulpectomy.

    4. Single visit root canal treatment.

    5. Pulpotomy

    Procedure of root canal treatment

    Visit to the Endodontist: For the root canal treatment, one has to visit the dentists on multiple times. The best dental clinic in Ludhiana will provide you the best and expert Endodontist. Endodontist is the dentist who is specialized in root canal treatment .Complexity of the case is best explained by the endodontist. He will suggest the proper medication of your problem

    X_RAY: The next step is to take an X-ray which is helpful to identify the shape of the root. This helps to determine the any signs of infection around the surrounding bone.

    Drill Hole: Hole is made with the drill machine which helps to access the harmful bacteria and it will help them to remove it properly.

    Clean the tooth: Dentist will clean the tooth thoroughly with his effective tools.

    Seal the tooth: After cleaning, he will seal the tooth. When there is a need of medication, sometimes dentists may wait for the week prior to sealing. In this case dentists use a temporary filling. Otherwise your dentist sealed the tooth, now it time for eating, smiling and laughing.

    Tips after Root canal treatment:

    Good oral hygiene: It is the essential condition to brush twice a day and floss at once a day. Proper care of the teeth helps to prevent you from future problems.

    Visit the dentists regularly: after the treatment, you should visit the dentists regular basis, cleaning should be done on the regular basis. It will prevent you from any kind of the further problem

    Avoid chewing hard foods: Don’t chew hard foods. It will affect your canal tooth and difficult to recover in the future.