Reasons Why Oral Health is Crucial During Pregnancy


    Reasons Why Oral Health is Crucial During Pregnancy

    The pregnancy period is one of the most delicate periods in a woman’s lifetime. And also, it is a period when most women attain the best love from their loved ones. Of, course, it is a period of celebration from A to Z, however, pregnancy periods are associated with a variety of health issues due to hormonal changes that a woman undergoes.

    Oral Health & Pregnancy

    As some fertility doctors generally focus on the health of the growing fetus, and that of the mother, they forget the oral aspect. Research currently indicates an increased risk of periodontal disease in pregnant women, which is one of the major factors for preterm low birth weight.

    Because of the hormonal changes, basically a rise in progesterone, women are prone to cavities, gum infection, tooth enamel erosion, and benign growths. The good news is that these benign growths disappear during the first trimester or after delivery and they are noncancerous.

    Dental/Oral Health in the eyes of Fertility Experts

    According to The Journal of Maternal-Fetal & Neonatal Medicine, a report indicated that 84% of obstetrician-gynecologists agree that oral health is vital during pregnancy, especially after IVF treatment. In this, they clearly advise pregnant women to see a dentist during every trimester. However, the study also revealed that 38% obstetrician-gynecologists never advise their patients to see a dentist for routine prophylaxis.

    How pregnant Women view Dental Checkups

    Apart from seeing no need to see a dentist during pregnancy, a majority of pregnant women believes that any dental treatment is harmful to the growing fetus. Ideally, this is wrong. Every pregnant woman must at least schedule an appointment with a dentist during pregnancy.

    This is because a pregnant woman has seven times more chances of developing periodontal disease and delivering the baby prematurely. Also, studies indicate that women with dental or oral issues during pregnancy have higher chances of preeclampsia.

    Also, other women reject dental visits because of the X-rays (radiation), believed to affect the growing fetus. However, contemporary dental X-rays utilize low radiation doses and a single dose has no side effects.

    Are Root Canal Procedures Recommended During Pregnancy?

    A root canal procedure is one of the most comprehensive procedures in dentistry. The procedural type and length generally differ from one patient to another, whereas in others, it may require a tooth extraction. Unless feeling severe pain, a root canal procedure isn’t commonly recommended during pregnancy.

    Emergency root canal procedures in pregnant women require an extensive examination and weighing the positive side of the procedure. Also, the procedure requires a fertility doctor’s approval, especially in case one’s pregnancy was attained through IVF treatment.

    How to CARE for your Dental Health During Pregnancy

    It is highly recommended to visit a dentist as soon as you suspect of being pregnant. This will eliminate any dental issues like cavities that may worsen as your pregnancy advances. Otherwise, here are the best tips for better dental/oral health during pregnancy.

    • Brush three times a day

    • Floss every after a meal

    • Reduce calorie intake

    • Don’t reject healthy meals

    • Increase your water intake