Maintaining a good Oral Hygiene


    Maintaining a good Oral Hygiene

    Have you ever wondered about how others achieve a goal that is the same as yours and at times before you? Please read on. When you move around, you happen to find people with beautiful nice smiles and white teeth and you want the same for yourself.

    We have what we call habits die hard, sometimes the way we were groomed will help us shape our minds especially in circumstances where we need a break through. Most of us admire to have nice white teeth but yet we don’t take time to make it happen or since childhood we are these lazy buddies.

    My mother always told me that you really feel the pain of not going to school when you are old enough. This is true these days, we tend sometimes to neglect chores while still young or in the early stages only to feel the heavy weight in future. If you want your children to have health and good oral hygiene please train them from the moment they start growing teeth.

    When a habit is registered in the brains, it becomes a routine task and this is the same for you, start by making it a habit and it will always follow you. If you love something you have to give it all your best to have it. So make measures to improve on your teeth appearance.

    How to maintain a good Oral Hygiene

    Regular brushing and flossing does not maintain a good oral hygiene but rather it helps keep clean teeth so here is what to do;

    • Proper brushing. There is a difference between brushing and proper brushing. Proper brushing is done with a target while brushing is done just because it is a part of everyday life. Always brush the teeth gently both in the sides and on the surface of the teeth plus also brush the tongue. This helps to avoid bacteria and promote good breath
    • Visiting a dentist. It widely happens that most people don’t bother to see a dentist until they feel pain or there is a cause but my dear checkups are required. A dentist helps you check for any infection or decay before it is too late. It also happens that we can’t reach all ends and corners of our teeth so a dentist can do a deep cleaning to remove all dirt in the mouth.
    • Proper flossing. Get floss that is long enough for you to hold in both your hands and pass it in between your teeth to the gum but it shouldn’t cut the gum so do it with care. Pull out all leftovers by making the floss curved like a C.
    • Using the right toothpaste and toothbrush. Use toothpaste that contain fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate, DEA and triclosan which help to prevent plaque and decay
    • Brush your teeth properly at least twice a day and floss where necessary to maintain a proper oral hygiene.
    • Rinse your mouth thoroughly after brushing and after meals. You can also use mouth wash to keep away germs and protect your gums every day.

    We all love to improve our teeth and so to achieve the target, we have to put in extra effort in the way we care for them. Try to have a check up after a year for you who do not feel any problem in the teeth and to maintain a proper oral hygiene the above can be done.