Loss Of Milk And Permanent Teeth In Children : What To Do?


    Loss Of Milk And Permanent Teeth In Children : What To Do?

    Loss of Milk Tooth

    So your little angel has lost his tooth. Its just another part of growing up. In fact, you should be happy that your child has crossed yet another milestone. If your child has shown early teething, the child is bound to show early loss of teeth as well. Kids may start losing teeth as early as 4 years which may continue up to an age of 7 years. While the kids may be excited about their first tooth loss, they may not be prepared for the impending pain. It is a time to reassure your child and handle your child with love. Prior to the tooth loss, the child should be told to refrain from pushing or pulling the teeth. Any deliberate pulling might cause pain or discomfort later on. Milk teeth loss is a common part of growing up and a little care will go a long way in comforting your child. After a few weeks, you can notice the appearance of permanent teeth which will not be as white.It also appears to be bigger in size and appears to have ridges which are more pronounced. You will soon get used to the ‘new’ permanent set. It is really essential to teach your kids to take proper care of their teeth and these are the ones which will last for a long time if proper care is taken.

    Loss of Permanent Tooth

    In case a permanent tooth is lost due to a fall or injury, its time to remain calm. It’s the best model behavior for ensuring the calmness of your child . It’s time to retrieve the tooth carefully by holding it by the crown. Clean the area with water but  avoid scrubbing or application of soap. It is a good move to put the tooth back in the socket if it stays there. If it doesn’t stay, then it is best to put it in a milk container till you see a dentist. Treat the situation as a dental emergency and ensure that you are able to visit the dentist as soon as possible. It is essential that your child receives the emergency treatment as soon as possible.

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