How to maintain oral hygiene? Which are the prevalent dental problems?


    How to maintain oral hygiene? Which are the prevalent dental problems?

    Oral hygiene is a must for a healthy mouth. The mouth primarily consists of the teeth and the gums. According to the dentist in Ludhiana, “The majority of the health problems today begin with the mouth and the gums since these are the entry point for the harmful bacteria which has to be checked at the time of its attack with the powerful oral hygiene. If oral hygiene is not there, then the bacteria and the harmful acids will not harm the mouth, but they will also become a reason for cardiovascular diseases. So in todays’ article we are going to tell you some of the problems which are being treated by the dental clinic in Ludhiana.

    Oral problems

    • Tooth decay

    Tooth decay is considered as the biggest dental problem, since dealing with infected teeth is most difficult as compared to the one which has not yet got problems. Tooth decay is carried out because of the plaque formation on teeth which gives rise to unhealthy bacteria and has the potential of affecting the protective layer of the tooth which is enamel. The deterioration of the bacteria gives rise to cavities which can make the tooth infected to the extent for which no treatment option other than extraction would be useful.

    • Gum diseases

    Gum diseases are most commonly known as periodontal diseases. Gum diseases often lead to the problem of cardiovascular diseases. Gum diseases are also caused because of plaque formation which gives rise to the bacteria that also adversely affects the gum diseases.

    According to the dentists, the most common reason for originating gum diseases is poor oral hygiene.

    • How to maintain the best oral hygiene?

    Oral hygiene can be maintained at its best by following the subsequent dental hygiene measures:

    • Brushing the teeth twice a day

    • Abstaining from the consumption of the acidic drinks and the beverages

    • Smoking is not good for teeth as it will harm the tooth.

    • Flossing is crucial for the minute cleaning of the teeth

    • You should not forget to scrape your teeth y the tongue cleaner

    • Make sure to incorporate the mouth cleaner in your dental routine

    • Do not use the same toothbrush for years and years. Try to change it every 3 months.

    • Do not skip any of the dental measures owing to the lethargy.

    • Dentures

    Owing to the injuries or the poor dental hygiene, the tooth becomes that much affected that the extraction treatment is required for it. Dentures are the effective solutions for the missing or thoroughly damaged tooth.

    • Dry mouth

    The regular dental check-ups also keep on facilitating you with the regular updation of dental knowledge. So if you are suffering from the problem of dry mouth, then you must be visiting the dentist since he will guide you with the best measures that will be helpful in this regard.


    If any of the above-mentioned problems are bothering you, then you should visit the Ludhiana dental clinic. Since the cost-effective treatments and the regular check-ups have considerably won the confidence of the people.