How to enjoy chocolates and avoid dental problems at the same time?


    How to enjoy chocolates and avoid dental problems at the same time?

    When it comes to chocolate, an individual just on hearing the name feels like buying it and enjoying it. Chocolate is that food item which is hardly not-dear to anyone. But one might restrict oneself on hearing the parent’s scolding.”You will end up cavities your teeth or your teeth will fall.”

    A dentist in Ludhiana explains that not every chocolate consumed in moderate amounts will prove harmful for your teeth. On the other hand, it depends on the varieties of chocolates.

    A Dental Clinic in Ludhiana can be consulted if one wants to take a full view of this context.

    • How can the consumption of chocolates cause dental problems?

    This is of utmost importance to know how the consumption of chocolates invites numerous dental problem and subsequent are the list of causes:

    Chocolate has high sugar content which when delivered into the mouth supports:

    • Bacteria growth
    • Plaque
    • Contribute to gum disease
    • The surface of the teeth is destroyed because of the acid which is made up of sugar from the chocolate. The conversion of sugar into acid is done by bacteria.
    • This is the ultimate and root cause of tooth decay and cavities.
    • Sugar weakens the enamel
    • Patches of dark stain on the teeth
    • Discuss another side of the coin

     There are always two perspectives to see a thing – One being negative and the other being positive.

    We have already discussed the crucial aspect, now let’s bring good news for all the disheartened chocolate-lovers. According to researchers, there are many proven advantages of eating entire chocolate:

    • Dark
    • Unprocessed
    • Raw

    Eating such kind of chocolate can genuinely help in:

    • Get rid of unconditional and overgrowth of bacteria and other organisms
    • Putting the problem of exhaling bad breath aside
    • A good chemical substance is found in chocolate which is known by the name of polyphenols. This substance prevents the enamel of the teeth from wearing down.
    • Complimentary tips to enjoy the chocolate 

    As it is part of the nature of every choco-lover that despite so many restrictions from the family and well-wishers, they continue to eat. If you are among them, then the following tips will be very beneficial for you:

    • Do not eat chocolates or even any dessert in between the meals.
    • Try to brush your teeth, every time you eat chocolates after the required time as specified by the doctor. If you are too lazy to brush, you can at least rinse your mouth properly with water.
    • Consume dark chocolates. But if you are a fan of milk chocolates then choose wisely.
    • Schedule regular appointments with your doctor.